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NFT profile pics : A Reshare How Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok will onboard the world to crypto - Malkam Dior

How Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok will onboard the world to crypto Ryan Sean Adams Jan 22 20 5 Invest into crypto with the tax advantages of an IRA using Alto IRA. 125+ assets supported! Open a Crypto IRA Dear Bankless Nation, I’m not going to talk about the price drop this morning. This is macro stuff and if you want to hear how it’ll play out no one explains it better than Jim Bianco in our  should we be bearish  episode with him this week. ( Watch now !) I’m not going to talk about a bear market today because I’m not bearish. How can I be bearish when Web2 is speedrunning crypto adoption? This week Twitter rolled out NFT profile pics for iOS. Thanks to  William Peaster of Metaversal  for gifting me this marvelous CoolCat way before they were cool. My twitter profile is now an  onchain verified NFT.  Twitter is using Ethereum to prove I own digital property. This is a centralized tech company outsourcing trust to a decentralized trust machine. This is Web2 building on Web3

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