5 Simple Lifestyle Rules for Happiness - Malkam Dior

Find happiness on social media. Here are 5 simple lifestyle rules from Malkam Dior.

Use your mind as if it were the Google search engine. Search for positive energy, and leave a Google search history of motivation. Everyone's on social media but not everyone is social. Observe without leaving a comment. Not everything requires your opinion.

1. Free Your Heart From Hatred - If spreading hate is trending on social media you don't have to follow it.

2. Free Your Mind From Worries - Don't worry about small things while thinking about the bigger picture. Do not allow negativity to trend in your head.

3. Live Simply - care about things that do not have a price tag. Speak your mind without saying one word.

4. Give More - give back to others because you care, do it from the heart as if no one is watching. Nowadays, it seems as if giving back is a part of a viral social media trend.

5. Expect Less - always expect less from others in an effort to not be disappointed. Go without asking, you can find your answer without asking a question.

With these simple lifestyle goal rules, align yourself with positive energy even when you're using the worldwide web. Follow happy people on social media.

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