Millennials Thriving In Trump Economy - MalkamDior

A volatile week in the stock market offers plenty of discussions. 

Chief SEO Economist Malkam Dior talks about the crazy financial week and its impact under President Trump as the unemployment rate for millennials has fallen by over 13%.

Millennials are thriving in the Trump economy! Millennial investors who are convinced that real estate is a great investment but don’t have the time and resources to be hands-on can take advantage of real estate investing in the stock market. 

Blue Apron's stock has fallen 80% since its June IPO, but expanding beyond urban millennials and tapping into niche markets could get the brand back on track.

"A survey released Tuesday, according to (CNBC) by megamoney manager BlackRock indicated a big jump in millennial interest in exchange-traded funds, a $3.3 trillion industry populated mostly with securities that track stock market indexes. (Bond funds are getting more popular but still make up only about 16 percent of ETF assets.)

The portion of millennials who are buying ETFs jumped from 33 percent in 2016 to 42 percent a year later. That pushes the group to the top of the list in terms of ETF ownership.

Silvers (age 71 or older) are next at 37 percent, followed by Gen Xers (29 percent) and baby boomers (27 percent)." All of which suggests that Crypto may be the Millennials answer to crushing massive student loan debt.

Does a ban on crypto ads via Google, Facebook and now Twitter hurt the market? It is a source of a lot of new capital from millennials who otherwise wouldn't find a way into the market. And you need fresh capital when you're still a volatile and fledgling market. That seems to be the 1st thing people would do.. myself included when we moon. It's not about the lambos.. it's about changing the world.