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In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data harvesting outrage, advertisers target Millennials that are interested in digital marketing need a strategy for reaching their demographic. Always apply the “3 M's of Millennial Engagement”. 'Minimalism, mindfulness and moderation.’

For example, Millennials use the internet to search for homes before buying. Any real estate business needs digital marketing in this day and age.

A passage from Adweek suggests that "The majority of the millennial generation has grown up in a world inundated with flashy advertising sometimes just five inches from their face on mobile screens. Reportedly, 74 percent of this generation spends at least five hours per week engaged with online content, according to Content Science Review."

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Cringe-Worthy Attempts to Market to Millennials

We are focused on helping companies align sales and marketing efforts, stay ahead of the competition and enhance customer experiences with a successful digital marketing solution that delivers proven results. Compared to other platforms, Snapchat campaigns tend to be ‘raw’ & less polished.

Millennials prefer brands that go the extra mile to forge an authentic personal connection. For example, it's best to forge your brand connections with Google Street View Virtual tour technology.

It is all about fun, authenticity, the ephemeral and the personal. That’s why we felt it was perfect for promoting local SEO. Our economic transformation and national digital economy agenda is progressing rapidly and will provide a stronger foundation for future generations.


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