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The Trump Millennial wins America. Dear politicians, you know the story of President Trump. He can't win. But he did. Prepare to continue to shock and rattle cages. The thing is that, I am not 19, I am 32.

Signed, An infantilized Millennial.

It’s interesting how politicians who were morally against legalization of Pot just a few years ago have all realized that their pothead millennial voter base has now come into power and changed their opinions.

It seems as if the larger the government the less free we are: Millennial Politicians and Google SEO agents can get more business reviews on your Google My Business page. Create a review link prefilled with 5 stars and ASK customers for a Review.  No one cares if the site is beautiful, as they are searching on google scholar and not on your site. As long as it is indexed, the service works. 

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Millennial Politics
Shining a spotlight on progressive candidates, causes, and organizations. According to MP.

"Steven Kirkland: Texas’ First Gay Supreme Court Justice?

While judicial elections are rarely well-publicized, the impact of who sits on our judiciary has gotten more attention under the Trump administration, with judges striking down the Muslim bans, the transgender military ban, and DACA repeal".

The quote suggests that as millennial we have to tarmac our way, the cartel, politicians, and dynasties will never path the way for us, providing the way for us, we thank them. Google set the rules about what does and does not look indexable to them, it's their way or obscurity.

President Trump is trying to reduce the government. Elite politicians don't like that. Politicians need people to depend on the government to stay wealthy and powerful.

They say that if only millennial's voted for president, Hillary would win by a landslide, but 90% of what's on my timeline is Trump.


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