Millennials Add SEO To Green Habitats - World Earth Day 2018

Millennials add something new to their green habits! Focusing on single-use plastics as a student studying to earn my degree in Environmental Science, I have learned so much.

There is so much work to be done, so much to do, to hopefully reverse the damage we have caused. More fossil fuels are NOT the answer. exponential growth is threatening the very survival of our planet. "Millennials Add SEO To Green Habitats - World Earth Day 2018" by creating the hashtag #EarthDay2018, now its trending on Twitter.

On social media specialist photographer, Caroline Power highlights the damage of plastic waste in the world's oceans in the hope industries/humans will change production and lifestyle (image showing a sea of plastic in the Caribbean, as an example of a global problem) using the hashtag #womensart. Millennials are have redefined the meaning of world earth day.

It saddens how little so many people care about the earth and the environment. If we don't take action now to change things, to try to reverse the damage we have inflicted on the environment, we have no one to blame but ourselves when there's nothing left. We have to do better. Humans, plants, animals, we all need each other. Symbiotic relationship.

Ideas for new Green habits: leave the car at home. Walk, bike or bus! Reject excess packaging, or single use plastics. It saddens me how much we take Earth and it's resources for granted. Make a pledge to reduce your plastic dependency by refusing single-use plastic from the get-go. We all owe it to our home.

Have a reflective Earth Day, everyone.