Millennials Blame Google Adsense For YouTube HQ Shooting - Malkam Dior

Look for a You Tuber to hit Google next. Millennials blame Google Adsense for YouTube HQ shooting because with all of the new "rules" I am sure that someone is going to take it to heart and go after Google next. Watching the news about YouTube on YouTube... it's really jarring. Prayers for all impacted.

Youtube breaches first amendment rights, someone used there the second amendment. Yesterday, the media was drooling with anticipation that it was an angry, white male with an assault rifle shooting up Youtube. Turns out that it was only an angry, mentally unstable woman of Persian descent with a handgun shooting up Youtube. Because this doesn't fit the media narrative, it will be forgotten tomorrow. Nothing to see here. 
I am glad no one was fatally wounded and pray for the people who were shot. I saw this coming from a mile away though. Youtube just host videos maybe and drop the politics. YouTube/Google really messed with a lot of peoples income including this woman who killed herself and in their eyes, it's a payback sort of thinking. Instead of getting a Patron account they kill. YouTube/Google have been screwing over content providers for quite a while.

Well, if YouTube hadn't messed with her, she wouldn't have been there shootin' 'em up. Unless I am mistaken isn't California one of those red flag States? Once again reported to law enforcement person is a danger and law enforcement did nothing. My son School District Justice week had three dumbasses on Snapchat saying they're going to shoot up the school. That's three different kids. they were taken in by State Police.

Could the YouTube shooting have been prevented?

Maybe this is something YouTube should give some thought to. They're ignoring the obvious, her parents observed her behavior and knew she had a gun, they could have contacted professionals and told them EXACTLY that. The Baker Act could have been invoked to have her taken in for observation. If doctors determined she was a danger to herself or others, the gun would have been removed from her possession temporarily. When she got out, she could not possess it immediately, there would be a significant waiting period, like seven years or so to allow time to indicate she had stabilized. It actually surprised me it didn't happen sooner. I am sure a Gamer will do it next. YouTube has been screwing over a LOT of people... is this the start of people screwing over YouTube ???


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