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Content Marketing Tips For Millennial Modern Day Marketers in SEO.

Here are few tips from the experts on how to future-proof your content strategy in SEO.

Digital Marketing 

Top Tip: By implementing digital marketing strategies in your business, it's possible to successfully grow your online presence, and ultimately increase your conversions and sales. However, if it isn’t done properly you may also see a reduction! 

Social Media Marketing

My social media marketing tip for this blog  - try to make sure no more than a third of your posts are self promoting. Instead, build rapport and share valuable information to build brand loyalty with millennials. 


As of today, the “Speed Update”, which enables page speed in mobile search ranking, is now rolling out for all users!

Expect your search rankings to drop if your site does not load quickly on a mobile device.

Content Marketing

Please don’t spam. As a general activity, spamming isn’t limited to scams or valueless self-promotion. Also includes sending too many emails.

Content Strategy

If you want to have an effective content strategy, then you MUST provide content that is valuable to millennial consumers by the CONSUMER's definition. 

Social Media

Pro tip: If you're the type to monologue on social media about what an awful person I am and how you're going to send me an email to that effect, don't be surprised when, upon receipt of said email, I immediately consign it, unread, to the trash folder.

Content Marketing Infographic 

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In an article published in Content Marketing Institute suggest that "Everything you do as a content marketer should flow from a deliberately constructed content marketing strategy. Think of it as building a road map of the content experience you intend to cultivate and how it will connect your business with your audience – and move both closer to achieving their goals."


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