Ecommerce SEO: How Millennials do Keyword Research to Optimize Their Online Store

This blog outlines 4 useful tips I use to do SEO keyword research for my own sites and my clients' eCommerce sites. 

By finding the right keywords to target, millennials can optimize their site for search engines and grow their organic traffic.

New technologies are reshaping the way our consumers discover our products or services. Online shoppers prefer to browse on the go.
You can also use your eCommerce website to act as a simple gateway for new cryptocurrency users. A great fast way to set up a eCommerce website is to use Shopify, which includes an already-built-in eCommerce process and structure. 

New users can get their first cryptocurrency just by selling goods and services in the marketplace. Thus making it easy to get and use cryptocurrencies. Trigger marketing is a strategic tactic that most successful ecommerce and dropshipping business owners use, to stimulate a purchase conversion.  Want to tackle cart abandonment or single-page bounce rates?  

Get in front of your audience with a eCommerce website. All professional eCommerce sites use responsive design, ensuring your brand looks great no matter what platform it's being viewed on.

Tip of the Day - 

Capture Local Shoppers with the Right Content -

Getting customers in the door is the biggest challenge today. After all, more buyers than ever are ready to pull the trigger immediately. Use your content to capture customers looking for inventory.

In an article titled "5 Ecommerce Techniques for Connecting with Millennial Shoppers" by
Neil Patel "Even though they don’t comprise a majority of the population (27% as of August 2014) , they have buying power. In fact, they possess a whopping $600 billion in annual buying power. By 2020, they will comprise nearly half of the U.S. workforce. By 2025, that number will swell to 75%.
Clearly, this is the market to target for ecommerce success. Every marketer will tell you to follow the money. Well, right now, the money is with millennials. Right now, only 50% of retailers are differentiating their marketing according to demographics, leaving you with a huge opportunity." (NP)
The quote suggest that we as humans feel obligated to pay back those who do something for us. It is in our nature to help those who have helped us, and savvy e-Commerce marketers can use this principle to boost sales. I've created 4 useful tips on how to not loose money with your ecommerce store. 

4 Tips to Keep Your eCommerce Store from Losing Money:-

     1. Enhance Search Results
     2. Use Good Photos and Improve                         Product Description
     3. Improve the Checkout Process
     4. Provide Good Customer.                                     Service and Positive Customer                         Interaction
There can’t be many businesses that don’t use the internet. Learn to use existing tech. Sometimes you don't need always to build yours. 

You can always build ur platform on an existing tech while you focus on building clientele.

Leverage on social media before doing ecommerce, social media is a good testing ground. Almost everyone uses email, some form of eCommerce or online banking. But demands are increasing.


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