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How To Advertise On Social Networks. The Millennial's Guide to Start Online Marketing.

A quick guide of practical tips to keep your business going in the right direction. These useful tips and insights will help you launch, grow and acquire new customers for your business using online marketing. Lots of fun and positivity around here too. Social media is the most current, active & engaging form of marketing.
"Here are 5 statistics that’ll help you get a handle on millennials, who were born between the early 1980s and early 2000s - (According to LeadsCon).
  1. Numbering roughly 77 million, millennials make up about one-fourth of the US population (Nielsen). 
  2. 43 percent of millennials in the US are nonwhite, the largest share of any generation (Pew Research Center). 
  3. One-fourth of millennials in the US speak a language other than English at home (US Census Bureau). 
  4. Millennials in the US wield about $1.3 trillion in annual buying power (Boston Consulting Group). 
  5. The median income for millennials in the US who are year-round, full-time workers is $33,883 (US Census Bureau)". 

The quote supports our social media management model to visual strategies, it's no secret that video is critical to your overall success online and increasing your business in today's online marketing world. Get your marketing plan set for 2018. Check out my 8 market tips below:

Marketing Tips -

  • When planning for online marketing, don't narrow down your audience too much to avoid risk of limiting your reach. Focus on a big and sustainable target audiences.  
  • When it comes to online marketing, planning ahead is imperative to ensuring you run a successful and effective campaign (whether it be SEO, paid ads, social media, email, etc).
  • Online marketing and proper Search Engine Optimization can and will make a huge difference in your companies online presence. 
  • Optimizing your online marketing can be beneficial for your small business. 
  • Don't forget to make sure the copyright date at the bottom of your website, blog posts, and your auto-responder programs have updated to 2018! So program automatically update at the first of the year....others have to be manually updated. 
  • By 2021, mobile video will account for 78% of total mobile data traffic. Make sure to include more video content in your social media marketing strategy!
  • The shorter your registration page the better. We shortened our registration page and sign ups increased by 65%. We have the shortest registration page amongst SEO companies.
  • Clearly defining your target market via buyer persona creation is a great starting point for all your online marketing efforts. 

Try when possible to post your tweets or FB posts manually (as opposed to using scheduling platforms such as hootsuite). The algorithms know when you've scheduled a tweet and will annoyingly reduce your reach marketing.

Content marketing is still one of the most valuable online marketing tools. Small business owners should be using social media as part of their online marketing.

These are tips for millennials to learn more about posting on your social media platforms to be more effective. Apply these tips for your content idea success. Ensuring your website is fully accessible can boost your SEO ranking over time.


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