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Common SEO MISTAKES!!! Discover Quick Tips with useful Money SEO fixes for Millennials - Gain Employment Opportunities in Search Engine Optimization;

Make money 24/7 days a week with this entertaining and very useful blog! instant Google reporting by using local-SEO with built-in analysis features and services. Entrepreneurs can work in various job fields in management and consulting from search engine optimization worldwide.

With these two steps you will learn how to maximize ROI and boost your reputation with the power of Google and Resume building that can result in new and exciting job opportunities!

TIP #1 - Get Certified

Take the pass all Google certification courses. This is the most effective way to fix common SEO mistakes online. Because after getting certified you'll be armed with knowledge and skills to troubleshoot any technical issue faced on social media.

It's free; you can take it numerous times if you fail the exam. Did you know that Google Adwords will officially be rebranded to Google Ads on 24 July 2018?

To build your resume you don’t always need to do free work - low-cost things like tutoring/volunteering sometimes at tech orgs/joining or starting tech clubs at your school are also just fine. Other aspects remain the same though—like how Google Ads work to drive high search-intent leads to your business online and boost your ROIs. Google also provides free workshops and study guides online. Best part was the collaboration and sharing of ideas on how to use the technology!

TIP #2 - Build your Resume

Perform freelance writing and search engine tasks on sites like Reddit or Craigslist in an effort to bring brand loyalty and real customers to your brand.

Once you begin to build your client lists you now have the certification and experience to create your resume listing all of your prior SEO experience on paper.

Hire resume writing services that are tailored to suit your specific needs and designed to get you shortlisted.

Build a comprehensive profile that highlights your potential to prospective employers.

I launched my own seo consultant services online; you can do it too.

Apply for positions at major corporations in marketing, content marketing, SEO writing or even as a freelance agent.

The possibilities are endless. This is a low stress, highly enjoyable opportunity to be part of something special, build your portfolio and resume.


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