Remarks Community (Why you shouldn't just rely on your comment) - @SEOMalkamDior

Right now we're appalled at your remarks on an article published today on the Internet; this is your comments community and we want you to feel comfortable and safe here. - MalkamDior

Prefacing a comment with “not to be rude..” or “no offense..” literally does NOTHING to buffer the insensitivity of whatever you’re about to say. This will lead to a lot of stupid commentary. In this blog you will be armed with 5 quick and easy examples to learn how social media managers respond to negative comment; so you can do it too.

Trolls don't just exist in the Lord of the Rings. They also live in the comments section. I feel like the word ‘live’ gives them too much credit. All it says is that you know you’re being impolite but you don’t care because you think your opinion is worth more that one’s feelings.

If only we could consume without commentary; without the noise of the crowd! 

I had a guy post my home address in the comments section of Fox News and urge people to come over and kill me. He served a year in jail and is out now!

5 Examples of How to Respond to Negative Comments -

Why do the co commentators have to rattle on so much? Well, in an article posted in Seek Social Media titled "5 Ways Brands Respond to Negative Social Media Comments " Social media managers respond to negative comments in various ways:
  1. Ignore them:  

    The ‘Head in the Sand’ approach.  If you don’t reply to the comments, maybe they’ll just go away. 
  2. Delete them:  

    The ‘If No One Sees It, It Didn’t Happen’ approach.  The only thing worse than ignoring a negative comment is deleting it.  
  3. Respond in kind:  

    The ‘I’ll show you!’ approach.  Let’s say a customer leaves an angry complaint on your company’s Facebook page or Twitter feed.
  4. Placate with a hollow apology

    The ‘Gosh, Sorry You Feel That Way. We’ll Try To Do Better.’ approach.
  5. Offer an apology AND a solution:  

    The ‘We Hear You and Value Our Customers. We Will Make This Right Immediately!’ approach This is your opportunity to turn a disgruntled customer into your brand’s evangelist! 
Do you get a kick out of watching two people argue in the comments section?  I'm tired of people who discriminate against music just because it’s **great** people of a different ethnicity than you that make it. Reading Twitter and comments section arguments makes me want to eat nails.

Right now there are so many online comments criticizing the press release on LeBron's decision to sign with the Lakers will be the only comment for now. Celebrities usually post esteemed commentary that eventually turn an incredible moment into an iconic one! No press conference, no videos, this is it. I'm pissed about things and excited about other things. I have no idea how to present participle commenting on anything without spoiling everything. This is why you shouldn't just rely on your comments because it's usually bias and one-sided! 

If you don’t like it, don’t comment on it. I’m not sure what part of people commenting on a topic I find most inappropriate. It’s time for you to hit that un-follow because you will find that your heaven you are in is actual hell if you don’t move on to people who are like-minded.

If you’re ever having a bad day just go on your favorite social media app and read the comments section. People are wild. We're allowed to enjoy music, art, sports, etc; without it being hijacked by explicit political commentary. We're human and deserve to enjoy ourselves while surfing the internet.