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The Ultimate Guide to Ranking High in Youtube - Columnist Malkam Dior explains how to glean keyword insights from your competitors.

Happy to see our friends rank so highly with their viral e-commerce store on YouTube!

There are a wide range of factors that need addressing to ensure your website not only functions properly, but continues to rank highly in search, engage customers and stimulate conversions. 

YouTube has gotten unknown independent artists top spots on Billboard Social 50 chart
Billboard Social 50- A ranking of the most active artists on the world’s leading social networking sites.

When you are posting content on YouTube think about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) What would we search for to find your content? My ranking was based on assessment of the quality of service, on-time performance, and user experience. There are ways to rank higher for keywords based on YouTube/Google seeing that your content is valuable.

How does YouTube rank its videos? Here's a breakdown of the key factors to keep in mind.

According to Search Engine Land - "As video consumption increases, consequently so does video’s influence on consumer purchases. According to recent research by Brightcove:
  • Almost half (46 percent) of viewers say they’ve actually made a purchase as a result of watching a branded video on social media, and a third (32 percent) say they’ve considered making a purchase as a result of watching a video.
  • 81 percent of consumers say they currently interact with brands on social media, and 43 percent say they’ve done so through watching branded social videos.
  • When asked for their favorite type of branded content on social networks, video was the most popular answer, with 31 percent of respondents listing it as their number one choice.
YouTube is the second most popular social media platform, based on market share. And you’ll find that most YouTubers are die-hard YouTube viewers. They’re constantly watching videos, searching for videos about everything from how to jimmy your locked door to how to create a Facebook ad — and everything in between."

The quote supports our theory that video ranking is important in both platforms, YouTube and Google. But you need to understand the different rank factors they have. If you apply the steps to optimize your videos, they will get a higher reach on both.

Key Ranking Factors
Video Transcripts are 1 way to RANK higher, & Tapping into YouTube is another; optimize YouTube tip to optimize your channel; don't allow your video to be EMBEDDED on 3rd Party sites {then YT has just 1 choice of a web page to Rank for your video.}


How to get more comments on your videos and why it's important. Implement these tips now and rank your videos higher. 

  • DO NOT spam Youtube comments, it is one of the reasons why views freeze sometimes. 
  • You should comment for something important not spam with tags etc (tags are useless on Youtube). 
  • Make an effort when promoting upcoming streams. I see so many streamers that just dump a link with some vague comment about their stream which is fine every now & then or if you have a large regular following. 
  • Mix it up a bit, post longer videos or live-stream instead.
Marketers and advertisers study advertisements meticulously. Funny things sell the best in car insurance commercials. 
Then it's you tube, concerts, bars, colleges, music movie industry, music and game apps.....change the where to reach them. 

Get videos to go viral on YouTube using their heros. Funny things go viral on YouTube, on Facebook, and on Instagram. Learning to make someone laugh is how you can get a sale, a date, a friend, or a job. Joke more.

If you want to rank well in both Google search and YouTube search results, you should identify relevant long-tail keywords that are used on both platforms. 

Follow this to strategize your videos too.


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