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SEO Tech Trends to Watch Right Now; Chatbots, Fintech & Mobile Marketing - @SEOMALKAMDIOR


In this blog you'll learn how new technology; (Chat-bots, AI, Blockchain) are really valuable for your business.

Watch how Chatbots become the new Twitter when years from now people “discover” them as a must-have platform. Once the novelty wears off everyone is just going to push 0 to talk to a real person, ultimately.

I would like a bot that is nakedly a bot. Not an imitation of a person; nothing more than to allow users to select personality (friendly; sarcastic; passive aggressive).

I’m the type that would try them all. Surely I can’t be alone.

According to Wikipedia "A chatbot is a computer program or an artificial intelligence which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods." which only suggests that our privacy and ease of use are two of the most important features of banking channel apps. When it can also build loyalty and help sell products and services, it becomes a killer app. Welcome to the world of chat-bots.

FinTech -

According to Fintechweek "the UK is a world leading Fintech hub with a sector that employs 61,000 people. As technology is reshaping the way to do insurance, attracting the best talents is a key challenge for corporates. Banking hasn't had it's Uber moment yet. Technically bots has and will transform all sides of our life across all industries.

All business and people are required first to adapt and than take the lead to innovative. Governments have the opportunities and the responsibility to change and regulate the banking systems to protect and enable banks to innovate. The minute someone figures out how to arbitrage this, for the traditional banks it will be "Game Over".

Mobile Marketing -

Accelerating the transformation and innovation of marketing through mobile is another top trend in technology right now. Marketers are provided with more options for promoting their business with higher conversion.

Mobile marketing is one of these innovative channels that made it possible to drive sales on your smartphone. Marketing on mobile is a must for every startup. benefits by doing affiliate marketing. It’s purely performance-based and cost-effective. Marketing also provides brand visibility, customer acquisition, and transparency.

If you want to create a world-class email, Fintech, Chatbot and or mobile marketing program; Compare yourself to the best performers; mirror your niche competitors. Observe the competition. I’m so confident this will work for you too:- I've used this system because it works for me and others!


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