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Learn the Top Trends in Meta Title and Meta Descriptions of your Web Pages with SEO in mind, so that way you can Rank Higher in the Search Engines - SEO Malkam Dior

As a newbie, curious about using "copy that converts" type approach in the description. The How To... or The Big Benefit... for example as description copy ( to appeal to the inquirers desires) as apposed to a general product description type copy.

SEO Title -

When writing your title; relevance is key. Apply appropriate keywords, be sure that its related to what it is you're offering on that page.

Also you need to write the description beneath that as well; it automatically  optimizes and help so that when people are reading it they're more likely to click on it. Search engines will auto-scan to rank it higher for certain search terms.

Meta Description -

Normally at the beginning especially with WordPress it's going to give you a generic title or whatever you put in. If you scroll down on WordPress if you're using yoast SEO what it does is automatically creates your title. There's no meta-description that it automatically imports.

You will have to fill it in yourself you could tweak it to make it even better; the more you tweak it and play with it the better the results. Constantly update and check your rankings.

For me personally I just tried it once and forget it. Continue to write the post or article you can go back and in 3 or 6 months to tweak it and repost it.

It'll give more value to your post and to the other rankings; it really depends on you, what industry you're in, and how much time you really are ready to invest inside of your SEO.

Keywords -

Think about your keywords it's highly  important to have your keywords visible. My writing style is to start with the body first; then work on the title. You can do it too. What you can also do is search for what other website or related topics to study their writing style. This is the top trend in meta- tags and meta-descriptions to give you ideas of what people are searching for. It's all about relevancy.

Related Searches -

Sometime, what you can even do is at the bottom of the Google search page you can see that they have related search topics that you can create your scl title and add it to your meta description.

After all, they say you have seconds to capture the viewers attention. I guess if you can pull it off, appealing to the inquirer and the bots while sprinkling in powerful  keywords.


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