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SEO Keyword Research Tips For Millennial Entrepreneurs - 

Are you trying to drive people to your website but are unsure how to do keyword research for SEO?

Start with SEO keyword research. It is the most important part of Digital Marketing; it is how businesses keep their ears to the ground. It is important not just for Search EM, but for SEO and content marketing.

I know some people say to do keyword research like you might do for a blog, for SEO, but I want to know what stuff MY audience wants to know about - and what fits their context.

Which keyword research tool is best for you and your business?

According to Backlinko - "If you’re serious about SEO, you should strongly consider investing in a keyword research tool. Sure, you can sort through keywords in the Google Keyword Planner one-by-one. And you can manually evaluate the first page competition for your target keywords. But the right tool makes the process MUCH faster, easier and more effective. Because keyword research tools work at light speed, you’ll usually come away with fistfuls of untapped, low-competition keywords in minutes".
Based on my online research and user experience comparison, I've concluded that the best keyword research tool is SECockpit. "Like any other keyword research tool, you pop in a seed keyword and get a list of results. But what makes SECockpit unique is the built-in features that allow you to get an incredible amount of depth on search trends, organic competition and traffic estimates". - Backlinko 
Fact: 43% of mobile users that utilize voice search do so because they say it is quicker than going on a website or using an app. This trend will significantly impact how brands go about the keywords and phrases they target for their website! SEO. It's time to start monitoring how "best" and other subjective keywords are used in searches for your brand or category.

Use these easy SEO tips to drive free targeted search engine traffic to your website:

  1. Search engines have been minimizing the importance of keyword relevance signals for ranking for many years. It’s a fact that keywords are no longer necessary or mandatory.
  2. Understanding basic keyword research as part of a successful SEO strategy helps you plan and structure your content efficiently.
  3. Master all the SEO concepts such as keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization.
  4. A sudden drop in traffic could also be due to keyword loss. Check to see if your competitors have started ranking for similar keyword terms with new content they are producing.
  5. You should be basing your post around a certain keyword that's related to your industry.  
  6. You have to teach the algorithm that when ppl search [insert keyword], that [insert vid] is what the majority are looking for. THAT'S what bumps it up to the top.
  7. To move efficiently through the lit-review process, read abstracts and keywords first. If the article is related to your research interest, move onto the Intro, Discussion, and Conclusion. Skip Methods and Results unless you're looking for methodology tips.
  8. Use long tail keywords to discover thousands of profitable, targeted keywords and calculate Keyword Competitiveness for almost any niche!
  9. You still need strong signals for the search engines: ensure that you have great, on-page SEO, well-researched keywords and great site architecture that makes it easy for visitors to find what they're looking for.
  10. Overpaying for keywords and phrases, sending visitors to irrelevant webpages and overlooking long-tail keywords are common mistakes that can quickly make your ROI plummet. 

Gathering information on seo keywords or seo ranking is the complexities of any online marketing company. Long-tail keywords attract users who are ready to buy.

Apply my 10 keyword research tips, have a strong influence; build your online presence. Your selection and optimization require meticulous planning and analysis. Establish your online authority and enhance your digital marketing campaign today.


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