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Unsatisfactory Rating. Sketchy Travel Policy. Personalized Experiences. Travel Risk Management.

The following are 4 of the worst travel apps for booking a vacation and getting around locally, based on personal user experience and online research.

AirBnB Infographic 

Airbnb Hosts -  

My partner and I have been Airbnb hosts for more than six years and welcomed almost 1400 individuals. We recently had a guest intentionally ruining the guest room wall. When they left, we also discovered a bag of pills, most likely narcotics. Then, I recently stayed at a house in Hollywood California and the entire experience was a nightmare! We received several phone calls before and during our trip where the manager was screaming, telling us we are "bullies" and "rule breakers", and constantly demanding more money. We had booked the property for 5 people, and had 2 extra guests come to the pool during the day. 

He demanded payment for these two extra guests, which we reluctantly agreed to halfway through our trip, as the manager threatened to cancel our reservation without refunding us for any un-stayed nights. The worst part was the house was filthy upon arrival, and there were NO locks on any of the back patio doors (the house had a wrap-around balcony accessible by the front and sides, with all glass sliding doors and no curtains). 

We alerted both the manager and airbnb about these issues and received NO RESPONSE FROM AIRBNB. To make matters worse, it turns out this host has had previous reviews exactly like this, yet has been deleting his property and renaming it after each guest so you cannot see it!! While staying there we were demanded an extra 700 dollars or we would be kicked onto the streets!
- Passenger in Uber -

Uber  Drivers -

Uber has added a new option for passengers. Go to a designated location (similar to a bus stop) and get a ride. It doesn’t change two things. The driver has to pick up multiple passengers and drop them off at a location.

"SACRAMENTO (AP) — Authorities in Northern California say an Uber driver was arrested on kidnapping charges after he refuse to let three women out of his car.
Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department says 36-year-old Mark Filanov, of Rancho Cordova, was driving for Uber when on June 15 he refused to let three friends out of the vehicle and made threats against their lives". CBSLOCAL

Drivers still need to drive x amount of miles, however, the time is longer because they have to stop to pick up the extra passengers. Yet, drivers are still going to be compensated less. Uber Pool is not convenient for drivers, only passengers, yet drivers get compensated less. This makes no sense whatsoever.
Google Maps

Google Maps -

Hey Maps team! Coming at you from Mendocino County, CA where the big wildfires are threatening our community. It would be SUPER awesome if we could drop a pin in our home location on My Maps and set diameter-based alerts so that if satellite data indicates that a fire starts or enters the specified diameter we get an email alert, like the News alerts.

In another event, some friends and I have a lodge located in Central Kalahari Botswana. Named (Phofu Kalahari Lodge). We are trying to add a location and the correct direction to the Lodge. It does not have a street address because it is in the wilderness of 5 million hectares and Maps only give an option of Kang,Botswana(will not take Kalahari Botswana or just Botswana) but the Lodge is 50 km North of Kang. 

If we enter the co-ordinates of the Lodge in Maps and ask for directions maps also shows the wrong directions that does not exist anymore! So we need to get the correct directions as well
Therefor the directions on Facebook does not show correctly. 
We're seriously struggling to get timely information about the risk to our homes and loved ones.

Law enforcement is doing their best but official emergency alerts have been slow and limited in who they reach. Having fire data delivered direct to consumer would be a massive win and could save a lot of lives since people could be aware of incoming fires and prepare for an evacuation prior to the official notice to evacuate.

Flight Search 

Kayak App -

As a travel search tool and not an online booking provider, They don’t seem to have insight into the reservation details and suggest customers reach out to the company they booked with for further assistance but the recaptcha page is jacked up. we have purchased an airline ticket through Kayak, and as soon we have arrived to the airport we were surprised that it is a fraud !! I need an immediate response and action! If you do get to the search page the date range does not work right. Starting date is not the one selected (start date of 8/20 returns a start date of 8/21). 

If you manage to clear those hurdles the prices found are inaccurate. If I leave from LAX the ticket is $665 but from Phoenix it is $1450! I can get a PHX to LAX ticket for under $200! Took two tries to even send a message to the contact number (First one I sent a detailed problem report. That failed so sent a second one but very brief. That one went through.) Have tested this on 2 browsers. I will make sure that everyone will know what I have been through when I have used the Kayak APP.

In conclusion, Kayak, Google Maps, Airbnb and Uber are the most popular travel apps however, they are the worst at the same time because we lose endless hours! - 94% is spam! - top way to get hacked! - you never get good news on about them on the stock market! - not all travel apps are crap! Hopefully, Google can make a cool app that's more user friendly!


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