Data Storytelling Tips for Creating More Persuasive Marketing Campaigns -

How To Think Visually Using Visual Analogies.

Stories in marketing are not just outputs of branding and content exercises; they are INPUTS into organizations, culture (feedback), products, services. Big thing to think about. Be authentic, be honest and vulnerable and don’t don’t be clever.

Unlock your potential & amplify your voice through storytelling! As a storyteller you must be creating more persuasive marketing campaigns and share key tips for building a personal brand while creating a community and empowering other voices.

Seems so simple, but brand storytelling is not that different from Hollywood storytelling.

According to a blog titled "Storytelling ideas for Business" -

"The Elements of Digital Storytelling"

"The Center for Digital Storytelling (CDS) developed a list of the important elements of digital storytelling, if you aren't sure where to get started, use this list to help guide you:

  • Point of View: What is the main takeaway and perspective of the story?
  • A Dramatic Question: What is the key question that will hold the viewer's attention throughout the story?
  • Emotional Content: What are the serious issues that connect the audience with your story and make it come alive?
  • The Gift of Voice: How can you personify the story to help the audience better understand the context?
  • The Power of the Soundtrack: How can you support or embellish on the story with music or other sounds?
  • Economy: How can you effectively use the best content with the most value without overloading the viewer?
  • Pacing: How can you change the rhythm of the story to affect the way viewers react to the content?

Shot in the dark:

Good grades means the person knows how to respect deadlines.

Having a current writing project shows they go above and beyond to hone skills.

Something team-based indicates a "plays well with others" candidate.

Knows the suite of Google office software.
Content Infographic 

Here are “5 Data Storytelling Tips for Creating More Persuasive Marketing Campaigns.

  1. Get a compelling host
  2. Have a consistent format
  3. Execute clear storytelling
  4. Keep an engaged audience

What's worse than cooking up a bedtime story for your kids?

They asking you the same story after a week & they remembering the entire thing while you can't go beyond the protagonist's name. Infographics aren't an excuse for bad storytelling. If the information coughs up a bad result, don't feel obligated to use it!


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