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This picture of Kim Kardashian in bed has become a meme and people are getting really creative. Kim knew that pose would turn into a meme. Marketing genius. If it’s not a meme, you're marketing wrong.

- Digital Marketing Genius Kim K?!
To reach your audience effectively, you need to have consistent messaging. With all this political derision, the world needed a Kim Kardashian meme, and man did she deliver, an album of meme-worthy photos to release whenever the world is talking about Beyoncé!

According to [Lifewire] "A 'meme' is a virally-transmitted cultural symbol or social idea. The majority of modern memes are captioned photos that are intended to be funny, often as a way to publicly ridicule human behavior. Other memes can be videos and verbal expressions". 

I've been thinking it's okay to call out incompetent politicians but let's refrain from turning them into memes. It creates traffic and free marketing for them as we continue to do so.
A Collage of Kim K Memes 

It raises their influence over those what most people call politically/socially uneducated. All companies should just fire their marketing departments and replace them with the teens who make really good starter pack memes.

Digital marketing is gaining more influence. Timely and relevant tactical campaigns are done at relatively lower costs. Influencer marketing is one of the facets of digital marketing and what's better than an influencer share tips on how to grow your personal brand. 

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"Kim Kardashian has broken the internet once again.
The reality television star tweeted this snap of herself promoting husband Kanye West’s line of “Yeezy” sneakers on Monday:
But Kardashian’s bizarre and uncomfortable-looking pose captured the attention of tweeters, who began re-imagining the image in all sorts of amusing ways."

Kim Kardashian's hot! Check out this photo of her modeling her husband, Kanye West's Butter 350 sneakers from his personal Adidas line; part of the new Yeezy range of sneakers.

The following images are hilarious memes of Kim Kardashian oddly modeling Yeezy Butter 350s -

Kim K Meme In Bed

FUNNY - Kim Kardashian Dance MEME

HILARIOUS - Kim Kardashian Wrestlemania MEME

SILLY - Full Marathon Kim K meme

Looks like some one took her batteries out. Those sex doll batteries must be expensive. This meme seems like a failed attempt to distract attention from Beyoncé’s groundbreaking September issue of Vogue. She's obviously unbothered by her earlier feud with Kourtney over money & motherhood. They'll be alright!

However this is a great from of digital marketing to surge revenue using a mix of GREAT content to reach new customers, delight existing followers and increase user engagement.


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