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Keyword ideas | Web traffic | Here’s why you should start thinking of content marketing as an SEO strategy. 

This blog will teach you how to write with SEO keywords - Opportunities can be really tricky! And often take a long time!

"Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) primarily through paid advertising." - (Wikipedia)

Use competitive research from tools to inform your paid search keyword strategy which is the alpha and omega of SEM for every content strategy.
According to Just Publishing Advice, in and article titled, How Many Google Keywords Can Rank In One Blog Post?

"Applying both semantic and long tail keywords to your blog content about your books or any other products or services, helps Google understand what you are writing about. 
If you write a great blog post rich in semantic keywords, then it should be indexed by Google and rank well.
When you start your keyword research for a new blog post, you generally focus on one specific keyword. In my case for this article, I have clearly chosen Google Keywords and One Blog Post as my two base keywords.
Okay, they are not high volume search keywords, but it is always better to concentrate on your content rather than on keywords.
As a general rule of thumb in search engine optimization (SEO), I need to use these two keywords in my Page Title, H1 tag, my meta description and of course, somewhere in my text.

At the same time, I need to avoid keyword stuffing. This means using the two base keywords far too many times. A keyword stuffed article will never rank well, or worse, it might not be indexed at all by Google". 

The quote suggests that, it's best practice to optimize your PPC campaign on a daily basis. We've created useful tips to help you maximize your performance, help generate more leads and grow your sales.
Here are some insights on how to analyze your SEM campaigns to make sure you're maximizing your ROI. Bidding for top keywords isn't the only strategy to use advises. Keywords are the foundation of your SEO strategy!

Build a solid foundation with these tips.

  • Keep complete track of progress by running comprehensive reports and analyzing them.
  • Use search re-targeting to pursue audiences based on keyword searches on search engines. This strategy provides a great one-two punch by aligning your SEM with Display Advertising, fusing the power of intent with repeated.
  • Skim through search terms used by people clicking your ads and add into your SEO strategy where applicable.
  • For continuous research and development on keyword research, design and implement the best strategy to bring the potential traffic.

As an SEM SPECIALIST i've created and reviewed hundreds of paid marketing strategies, organize and manage, as well as optimize multiple campaigns.

You will get more visitors within the same SEM tips too. Bing ads rolls out target CPA and maximize conversions bidding strategies, and it is becoming increasingly popular among companies compared to traditional.


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