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Being active & staying abreast of the latest trends on social media is very important. Hashtags help you share and grow your business brand awareness. You can also use them to leverage your engagement in a fun way without pushing for sales.

It's true, hashtags are everywhere! This blog is talking about the importance of SEO within your business and the ways hashtags, can help you to make connections for your business and increase post engagement.

The power of hashtags can be very useful, it's how people will find you, just don't put too many. Please don't tag people, especially artists like me, I use my reply's for business. It could work better for you.
"While it’s easy to follow hashtags, understanding how they appear in the feed or stories isn’t quite as straightforward.
Following a hashtag doesn’t mean you’ll see every post shared on that hashtag. For example, following #valentinesday won’t flood your feed with millions of posts on February 14.
Instead, the Instagram algorithm will sort the content on the hashtag you’re following, and select highlights and content it believes you’re most interested in.
The hashtag post results will appear in the Instagram feed, mixed in with the regular posts of the accounts you follow. Instead of seeing a username in the feed, you’ll see the hashtag listed next to the current photo for that hashtag and the colored hashtag symbol. The user who uploaded the post on the hashtag and any location tag used are listed beneath the hashtag itself." - (SocialMediaExaminer).
HashTag - (Infographic)
One of the things I have learnt in business, you can have a great product / service but if people don't know about it. You might as well sell it to yourself. Raise your profile and promote your business, product or event. Marketing is the number one key for bettering your business. Hashtag marketing can be highly profitable here are 7 social media tips to incorporate hashtags into your marketing campaign.

7 Social Media Tips -

  1. Choose the best social media platforms for your business 
  2. Reach out to customers 
  3. Follow others on social media in order to increase your followers 
  4. Use hashtags to find new audience and engage 
  5. Interact with influencers 
  6. Give or do something free 
  7. Create adverts
They're a great way to drive traffic to your social platforms and gain relevant followers! However, one should be mindful to prevent an overuse of hashtags.

  • Hashtag is a huge marketing tool, many use hashtags for use on social media to get people talking - have you thought of including them in your small business marketing? You get 30 use them! The more you use the wider your audience, the quicker you will grow!


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