Social Media Video Advertising | Learn How to Use Video Strategies to Grow Your Business -

Are you using video on social media? Here’s my top tips on how to use native video ads to generate targeted leads.

What would be some beneficial ways to utilize native video in LinkedIn Groups to keep members of your group engaged?

LinkedIn Native Ads -

Linkedin's native video platform is great to target specific audiences. The professional social media website is rolling out native video advertising and video for company pages. My long to do list includes shifting all my work to Youtube for exactly that reason, but I'm wary because I can't control if YT will sneak in any ads or recommended videos I don't want.

However, using LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences allows brands to take their targeting to the account level. You can create a list by uploading emails from current accounts if you want to target existing customers.
Social Media Video
Advertising Infographic 

Here are some tips on how you can stand out by using Native Video on your LinkedIn Company Page - a feature that is rolling out very soon.

Some of my LinkedIn Native Video Tips 

  1.  Write text-only posts
  2.  Break up the content
  3.  Like your own content
  4.  Share & embed your posts
  5.  Like & comment on others' posts
  6.  Use native video
  7.  Share non-business updates

Vimeo Video Sharing -

Vimeo offers video everywhere, get the low-down on Vimeo's latest video sharing feature. I was able to create very clever video ads that gets the message across to great effect....I've gotten a Vimeo Plus subscription, so all past videos will slowly trickle in onto our Vimeo page.

I waited and waited but as the days passed, nobody called me. People in B2B buy from people, not from glass buildings. Find out how content for sales drives more conversations and pipeline. Vimeo is great but it’s still slow as hell on mobile. Consider that when posting reels.

FacebookWatch -

How platforms like Facebook Watch are changing video ads on social media.

According to Forbes - "According to a recent survey of 1,632 adult Facebook users by The Diffusion Group (TDG), 5o% of them have never heard of the company’s heavily promoted Facebook Watch service that reportedly attracts an audience of about 50 million every month.
Another 24% of respondents have heard of the free service but never used it. Only 6% of respondents check out Facebook Watch at least once a day. Another 8% watch weekly while 7% viewed the content once or twice a month."
The quote suggest that Facebook's YouTube competitor, FacebookWatch, is launching worldwide and more advertisers are getting access to Ad Breaks: Facebook Watch is a terribly named product. That is all.

"Rise of Mobile Drives Advertisers To Invest $30bn in Online Video Despite Ongoing Risks:  Advertisers are expected to spend a combined $30bn on online video advertising this year, most of which will be paid to social media platforms" - Shootonline

Along with everyone in the world of work, HR professionals are going to have to adapt to get ahead of the Digital workplace.

With this blog you've learned how to maximize video marketing one Vimeo, LinkedIn and FacebookWatch, to get leads, with tips and insights on how to strategize your video content.


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