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This powerful blog takes a look at how cryptocurrencies and blockchain are reshaping our world for millennial entrepreneurs. 

I'm a young investor transitioning into a developer. So unconventional I haven't even accepted it honestly. The more I think about the decentralized financial system, the more I think that 'Relayers' are one of the highest leverage business opportunities in the blockchain space and consultancy focused crypto-economic research and advisory. 

Over time, I expect relayers to strip themselves of single protocol identities and become stand-alone gateways into the open financial system. Research from shows that 56% of Millennial women say fears hold them back from investing. They are interested but too afraid to invest.

The most successful relayers will allow users to access multiple services like asset exchange, lending, derivatives, and indexing. We partner with organizations worldwide to build token-powered networks that lead to greater efficiency, liquidity and opportunity. After realizing how much of a millennial I am. I do all my work on my macbook and iphone. I work and do school from anywhere. I don't have a traditional 9-5.

Bitcoin ETF decision dates!
But with blockchain, there will be ways to track whether the person leaving a review actually ate dinner at the restaurant they’re reviewing, groomed their dog at the salon they’re rating or purchased the product they’re giving five stars.
Blockchain records quantifiable data and stores it in a block, which is then added together in a chain of similar information blocks. Each block needs to be verified across a network of computers before it can be added to the chain; once it has been verified, it cannot be altered, meaning the data is both transparent and secure.
I believe that it is very wise to invest in crypto with a mindset that it will not pump wildly at the end of the year which is why blockchain will disrupt the marketing industry forever..Prepare for that possibility both mentally and practically. I am not saying that it will not. So many seem to RELY on it skyrocketing. Invest long term; an artisanal cryptocurrency with only locally sourced blocks.
How the Bitcoin economy works - Infographic

This system can be used to create a digital map of someone, almost like an online ID; birth records, home addresses and university certificates can all be kept on blockchain.
Blockchain could also track our day-to-day activities. When linked with data generated through the Internet of Things, blockchain can record and verify that an employee was at a certain office location on workdays via location data, or track customers’ shopping habits through their payment data." Forbes - 
Or people can just move over to bitcoin core (BTCC) and ditch the false leaders entirely. The massive opportunity here stems from the drastically shrunk costs associated with creating this infrastructure and the plug and play architecture that makes it easy for these systems to provide additional services makes it easy enough for anyone to do it.

I despise crypto, and yet I feel inexplicably drawn to the prospect of mining it, like forbidden knowledge or something...it's fine to get into a bubble and see if you can ride it out. Just don't dump the entirety of your $100k savings into a single highly speculative asset class.

Interest rates will normalize when there’s enough demand from millennial households: Investor Bill Smead, CEO and CIO of Smead Capital Management says right now the Fed is dealing with short-term rates that has some people worried about a potential recession or a bear market attributing to the disruption of the marketing industry.

There's a lot of hidden benefit of crypto is that it allows Millennials to experience the joy of losing their life's savings in an asset bubble, thus helping them to empathize with the Gen Xers and Boomers who got slaughtered in the housing and tech bubbles! All a developer needs to do is fork a repository, customize some front-end components, deploy their app through the cloud, and start collecting fees.


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