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5 Strategies to Use When Trying to Influence Millennials

Follow these five strategies to reach individuals in this tech-savvy, cause-oriented generation

 What does your website rank on search engines? SEO is much more than website optimization. It is about detailed analysis, content, research.

Many millennials are just taking the uber concept and applying it to relevance on-demand, search deliveries, and launching businesses at city or country level.

There's no excuses anymore to avoid social media. Even if your demographics skew older, are you really going to miss out on a platform that 40-65% of your potential customers are spending an average of 135 minutes.

Here's some wisdom on the fundamentals of seo.
- Infographic on Millennials who use mobile devices -

In an article published in Entrepreneur -"Pew Research Center considers millennials the generation born between 1981 and 1996. They’re highly educated -- almost 50 percent have either attended or are currently attending a higher-education institution. Millennials are also an extremely tech-savvy generation, having grown up during the advent of household computers and the Internet."

The quote supports the theory that building relationships is at the heart of all great digital marketing. Recruiting is hard when EVERY millennial says they’re “proficient in social media”. Instead of working on building links, build relationships (and links will come!)
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Social media rivals TV ads in significance, with more than 2 billion users of social media platforms that offer some of the "fastest response rates when marketing a product.

Here are five useful strategies on how to market your brand to Millennials on the social media platforms. 

  1. Boost your Instagram account for a business, by creating a marketing strategy to manage your content! 
  2. Create an engagement presence and following on Facebook and marketing promotion across its many social media platforms. 
  3. Design your website to be smart phone friendly. Is your brand effectively represented on social media?
  4. Whether it's for video, events, social media or offline marketing, custom URLs are incredibly useful; structure your custom URL from a reputable company like GODADDY.
  5. Interact and engage! Organic social media reach can be as simple as consistently liking and engaging with people and commenting on posts. Be organic!

Building an SEO strategy with your digital community is key to maximizing your opportunities. Something every single business needs to invest in. Such a big part of marketing and it really shouldn’t be missed!