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Want to create an appealing visual identity for your business or organization? Then this blog is for you: Branding with the essentials. 

- Business Essentials Infographic -

Proper branding is really important so, I recommend you all to put the time in to come up with something unique and attractive! -

What are the 4 elements of an effective brand?
The 4 Elements of Branding are:
✔ Trust
✔ Consistency
✔ Colour
✔ Values

Branding with Colour -

Hiring the right graphic design team will ensure your company’s branding is not only relevant, but consistent, with a simple—yet distinctive design and color scheme. We work with you to develop an identity that is recognizable and memorable.

Color, Color, What color do you want?
This is the game we play with you to customize your color preferences. Choose the color, ensure branding, etc besides you can use your current idea's with your website design.

- Infographic on Branding -

"But nearly every academic study on colors and branding will tell you that it's far more important for your brand's colors to support the personality you want to portray instead of trying to align with stereotypical color associations." — @gregoryciotti

A Screenshot of the Color Palette for UBER

As seen in the image above reveal how the startup branding campaign for Uber went with a primary pastel sherbet color palette and photography with colorful geometric white space!

What are the key components of a brand?

Branding with trust -

Building the trust and following your commitment that you really can do is a key component of a building a successful brand.

Focus on crafting a unique identity for your business, one that reflects your values and personality, one that resonates with your customers and shows them why they should trust your business.

As a part of your marketing strategy for your products or services, you want to tell the story of your business. It helps people relate and starts to build the foundation of trust.

Inconsistency could be holding you back from success

Struggling with your business? 

Consistency is a great component for a comprehensive branding strategy. Selling is merely persuading another person to accept your service, your product, your brand, or your idea.

Consistency in branding/messaging is extremely important to the success of your business to increasing your following, attracting more customers and growing your business, you don’t need to do EVERYTHING. 

Does your social media say one thing while your website saying another? 

Inconsistency confuses your potential customers and stunts your business growth. 


"In the social business marketplace, brands that hope to build loyal and growing communities do so most effectively when they demonstrate their core values and allow a community to build and engage around it". - Simon Mainwaring, CEO, We First Branding 

The quote supporting that even before you start, you will need to supply some background information about your company; your vision, your values, your brand proposition, and your business objectives.

Be more than just a logo - your branding is a reminder of your values, ethos and culture. It's the vibe and essence of your business. Let's show it in its best light: 

In conclusion, many think that personal branding is just for entrepreneurs but it today's digital world, it's important no matter what business you are in. Even if you are a secretary in a construction company, your personal branding must reflect your true values, motivation, etc.