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Why Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is Crucial to the Success of Business Intelligence. 

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There's an argument that Amazon and Facebook should not sell the data, and that's fine but, if other Machine Learning companies wouldn't get these data, they won't be able to make their machines learn.

With 90% of mobile time spent on messaging apps, there is a huge opportunity for mobile commerce where retail and ecommerce companies will start interacting with customers on messaging platforms.

Amazon is investigating claims that employees deleted reviews and sold sales data to sellers.

Just wondering, if Youtube's response to demonetization based on a lack of interest by advertisers, do Youtubers still get a cut of the money from those of us who pay for YouTube Premium (formerly RED)?
Adding virtual agents to address customers' simple FAQs right away while routing the more complex questions to skilled human agents without missing a beat.

Here's why, it's not an either-or choice between bots & live agents!

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Artificial intelligence in the form of private voice communications allow innovative companies to:

  • protect #userprivacy without exposing real phone numbers
  • mitigate revenue leakage 
  • track, record, & analyze calls for new business insights.

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According to Wikipedia, "Machine learning is a field of computer science that uses statistical techniques to give computer systems the ability to "learn" with data, without being explicitly programmed. The name machine learning was coined in 1959 by Arthur Samuel." - Wikipedia

Since we now know for certain YouTube aka Google is a completely biased corporation that calls people who believe in the President of the US "fascists", why won't someone there stand up for what is right?

You people are discriminating against conservatives and hiding behind ambiguous rules which are subjectively applied to penalize people who don't tow the company line and fall in lockstep to their agenda and narrative.

Artificial intelligence is crucial to any business because it will create the most fundamental transformation of human society since the Industrial Revolution. According to a tweet from the National Post;

"Artificial intelligence can be used to translate what animals say and think about us, researchers say." - NP

Right now, I’d settle for an AI algorithm that chooses a Discover Weekly Spotify playlist that I actually enjoy.

Data is necessary for your business! This is a cautionary allegory about machine learning. On the other hand, we have always had unknown people doing things for and to us. That will now be AI/robotics. Shift in scale and speed, but fundamental?

In a tweet from the U.S AIR FORCE states that;

"Computer language skills are vital for weathering the current sea change in battlefield analytics, big data & artificial intelligence. This is why the USAF is looking to consider computer coding its own foreign language." U.S AIR FORCE  

The quote supports the theory that supply and demand factors of financial adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Also, machine learning is crucial to the near future as researchers suggest that AI will take over and we'll be obsolete.
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Artificial Intelligence -

And what about the people without jobs ?? because of robots and artificial intelligence. How many people have lost their jobs since robots started to replace humans??

Then they may take all our recorded data (ie Twitter) and simulate us in a simulation. Beware you own data footprint. That being said should AI be mining this data I’d like to say I’ve always liked you.

In conclusion, although I have concerns; Innovation is unstoppable. Adding text- or voice-based real-time translation services to expand into new global territories or meet seasonal spikes in language needs—offering exceptional customer service at all times!

I believe that in the future our children will work in jobs that do not exist yet, this will affect the employment market - with rising populations and rising numbers of AI "bots"  to carry out many roles currently done by humans this is not going to end well.