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Learn how to create effective advertising that appeals to millennials in real time.

When marketing to millennials, it’s important to integrate your online and offline marketing efforts. 

Why market to Millennials? Because they're the most active target market online

According to Marketing Interactive, "research reveals that they spend an average of approximately 146 minutes online everyday, with the younger group aged 15 to 24 spending more time, at 159 minutes, compared to the 25 to 34 year olds’ 128 minutes. 
Overall, Millennials’ main activities revolve around communication (21 minutes), social networking (24 minutes) and consuming media content (39 minutes). These three activities occupy more than half of their time online (57%, 84 minutes per day).

Marketers acknowledges the control people in real time want and use while on online platforms such as social media. 

- Millennial Traits Infographic -

What kind of problems do Millennials specifically, face when this control isn’t available in real life situations?

One might think that these numbers would significantly increase when Millennials are not at work. However, the difference is marginal, with younger Millennials aged 15 to 24 spending 157 minutes online on weekdays versus 166 minutes on weekends, while older Millennials in the age bracket of 25 to 34, spend 128 minutes on weekdays and 129 minutes on weekends. 
Overall, it is notable that Millennials spend five minutes less (22 minutes versus 17 minutes) communicating on weekends – a decrease one might attribute to work-related messages perhaps?
Did you know that 34% of grocery shoppers are shopping online? A whopping 50% of all millennials do!
Apart from spending time online, Millennials are also consuming content offline; although to a lesser extent compared to the general population. While the average individual indulges in around 117 minutes of TV viewing a day, Millennials only spend 65 minutes. 

Even then, the younger Millennials aged 15 to 24 watch only 59 minutes of TV, compared to the 71 minutes of daily viewing by the older Millennials (25 to 34)." 

The quote suggest that millennials are the first in their own generation to have access to the digital world. As a result, millennials use the internet imoren real time than any other generation. 
-Do Millennials prefer Pizza over Jobs? Infographic -

Employers who want to market to millennials should pay their workers well and then build their advertising around that. "buy our pizza - we pay our workers a living wage" sort of thing.

Marketing Strategies To Attract Modern Millennials.
  1. "Be Transparent - Millennials love transparent organizations.
  2. Get Millennial Input On Your Marketing Strategy - If there is a target generation you are desiring to reach, get out there and connect with them personally through focus groups or surveys with incentives.
  3. Meet Them Where They Are - We need to remember that millennials communicate differently.
  4. Challenge Their Creativity - Have a contest to improve an existing commercial or correspondence. " - Forbes 
Prepare:  Post Millennials (born after 1996) changing the country. Buying clothes online going cashless...not reading magazines..not risk takers as in sports that harm. Now you know why the Malls are closing.

In conclusion, based on the data Millennials need to be sincerely complimented and often. That’s why many companies are moving from a once-a-year employee review to a recurring online feedback system. Millennials want coaches, not bosses.