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Millennials have approximately 80 million people in their online network. Post videos of your product in use or testimonials.

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Select a life-like virtual character. Type or paste in some text for whatever product you want to sell or promote. Click a button and in just seconds, you have an exclusive, "talking character" video ready to make you money! You could be making money in as little as 15-20 minutes from right now...

Here's a sample video promoting OUR site

Sunday 9 September 2018

From: Malkam Dior
Re: Generate autopilot income with our instant "virtual character" video generator!

Dear Friend,

Never have I been more excited to "cut the virtual ribbon" and present to you a service that is going to make Internet marketing history...

If you're looking for a brilliant new way to make money on complete autopilot - and do it more quickly and easily than you ever thought possible - don't miss a single word of what I'm about to tell you...

Just imagine... Create a professional video advertisement within seconds, zero experience needed. Share it on YouTube and other popular free video sites. Forget about it. And get free traffic and autopilot income from it for years to come.

Now do that 100, 1,000, or 10,000 times over and consider the possibilities! That's just one of the ways to benefit with this ground breaking new marketing weapon.

In a couple minutes I'm going to share my "Six Figure Video Factory Formula" with you, but first...

The Most Powerful Traffic And
Money Making Weapon... Ever?

It's a fact. The biggest challenge to making money online is (drum roll)...

Getting people to see your offer!

Finding stuff to sell isn't the problem. Seriously. Even without your own product or website, there are millions of affiliate products that you can earn big commissions on (they're easy to find and I'll show you where).

Have you ever thought in frustration, "If I could just find a consistent, reliable way to get people to see my stinkin' offer, I could make a fortune!"

Well guess what. You're 10,000% right. Overcome this challenge, and getting the bucks to roll in really is easy.

How do I know? Because I've overcome the "traffic challenge" to the tune of bringing in over half a million dollars per year with my little kitchen table operation.In fact, just one of my sites has generated over $1.7 million and is still going strong...

$1,730,205.15 from just ONE of my many sites!
Online Earnings Screenshot

The bad news is that relatively speaking, very few people have found a way to overcome the challenge I'm talking about.

The incredible news is, today YOU have the opportunity to become one of the few, just like me!

Here's exactly how...

It Started With A Dream...

With sites like YouTube ranking among the most visited in the world, video offers a truly limitless way to generate traffic and make money online. I knew that if I could come up with a way to crank out my own professional quality videos one after another (like a virtual video "factory"), I'd have a money making MACHINE at my very fingertips.

I dreamed of a service that would enable the average person to make their own instant video clips and ads with NO prior experience... I imagined it to be push button simple, and almost instant. But was this possible to do, while keeping it under six figures in development cost?

For weeks and months, I brainstormed, putting my years of Internet marketing experience into the effort. Finally, I stumbled across a way to make my dream a reality! Needless to say I was incredibly excited. The end result was even cooler than I'd imagined. So good that I wanted to keep it to myself (and actually did for over a year - just look at when my domain name was registered!)...

But I know that with the vast, limitless demand for video, there's no reason why "my baby" has to remain hidden from the world. Besides that, it's just too cool NOT to share with a few lucky people. Like I dreamed from the start, it's kid-simple to use, yet incredibly powerful, enabling ANYONE to generate professional quality video clips within seconds.

Think about what I'm describing. Virtually no other online income opportunity can rival these benefits...

24-7 autopilot income. Similar to article marketing, every video you create and share is a potential lifetime money maker. Every single video you make promises the potential of income for months and even years to come. Without having to lift a finger. And unlike article marketing, where you spend an hour writing a single article, you can produce a video within seconds using my online video creator.

Create Viral Videos Now

Dead easy income. If you can paste in a block of text, or type your own text, you have what it takes to make unlimited professional quality videos with our service. I specifically made this "dummy proof" so that anybody, regardless of their online or technical experience, can use it and succeed with it.

Search engine income. Your video clips can get indexed by Google in a flash. They can also be picked up on other video blogs and sites across the web. So you're getting traffic from outside sources, in addition to the video networks you post to.

Addicting income! If you thinking watching video on your smartphone is fun, just wait until you share your own clip on YouTube or some other network and start making money with it! If you're like me, you'll be logging in every couple hours to check your views, hits, and sales. It's addicting fun, and yet I'm building my business and income in the process.

...And that's just for starters.

I Put My Money Where My Mouth Is...

It seems that everywhere you turn these days, you see an offer for the latest, greatest "online money making formula". And it's true, many of these systems can and DO work.

But the difference here, as you're already discovering, is that we go far beyond mere training - which costs next to nothing to produce. Sure, it takes time to put together "x" number of training videos on a particular money making system. But I invested a large amount of money in the SOFTWARE that helps you make money and generate traffic online...

In other words, I put my money where my mouth is!

And because of how kid-simple my software is to use, you can get started today, right now, with ZERO experience, and just 3 minutes of training (check out our 3 minute training video below).

Therefore, you're not going to be overwhelmed and confused with hour after hour, week after week of audio or video teaching and training on how to make money online. You can literally begin making and sharing videos that can earn you money and generate traffic right away.

Quick and easy. No training needed.

Camera Shy? No Problem...

"If viral video is so fun and profitable, why isn't everybody doing it," you might be asking?

First off, tons of people are doing it. And they're getting tons of exposure and profit in the process...

One YouTuber recently made $25,000 in commissions on a single video clip. Crazy!

Even so, the majority of people still aren't out there making money with video, and the reasons are many...

  • They don't know how.
  • They don't have time.
  • They don't own a camera.
  • Or they're simply camera shy!

Well guess what. Those aren't excuses any more! Now everybody can make money with video...

Introducing VideoGoRound (VGR)...

I told you how pumped I was when my dream "money making machine" became a reality, right? Well, I'm equally excited at the opportunity to share my software with a small group of people who'd like to join me in producing traffic and making money on autopilot, using the unequalled power of video.

That's where my VideoGoRound Club comes in... As a VGR Club member, you'll get exclusive, rare access to the very same video creation software I've been bragging about... I call it the Instant Viral Video Interface (IVVI). You'll be using the exact same tool as me!

The IVVI is the first text to (virtual character) video converter of its kind, specifically designed for online entrepreneurs and home business owners. "Text to video" means that it takes the words (text) you enter in the message box (kinda like email), and converts it into a real live video featuring a talking character!

Our video interface is simple enough for a child to use, yet powerful enough for the "Navy Seals of online marketing". It's web based, meaning you can log in and use it 24-7. No downloading. No hassle. Just login and begin cranking out instant videos!

As a member of the VGR Club, there are dozens of ways that you can harness the simplicity, speed, and power of our video creator, but the obvious ultimate benefit is the ability to generate videos capable of generating traffic and making you money on autopilot.

Yet another huge benefit is that the videos you create as a VGR Club member become yours to do whatever you want with. You're creating your own intellectual property. Each instant video you make is yours to keep forever.

...You're not controlled by any company or video hosting service!

Professional Virtual Character Videos...

The heart of VGR technology is it's advanced "Virtual Character" capability. Meaning, you don't end up with some boring, scrolling text video (where words scroll down the screen)...

Instead, each video you create will feature a realistic, moving, talking character - much like a video blog, similar to if you were recording a video by talking into your web cam!

VGR's "Hard Working Virtual Character Staff"...

Our instant video creator also applies the absolute latest in TTS (text to audio) technology. This makes the virtual character voices sound as smooth as possible - close to that of a real human. And I'm sure you'd agree, much more clear than the way some of us talk!

The technology you're gaining rare access to as a VGR Club member cost close to six figures to develop!

Proof That Making Videos With Us Is Kid-Simple!...

Watch how easy it is to create your own, exclusive videos with our Instant Viral Video Interface...

As you can see, it's amazingly easy. But don't let that fool you. This could very well be the most powerful traffic generating, money making weapon you'll ever be allowed access to!

So How Many Cash Producing Videos
Would You Like To Create?

That would all depend on how much traffic and income you want!

As a VGR Club member, you'll have the ability to generate as many videos as you'd like! The only real limit is my "500 words per video" guideline. That's a full 1-2 pages of information. If you have more text, just divide it up into parts and create multiple videos.

And don't forget, you're not tied to our service in any way... We don't host the videos you generate, and lock you into our service as a result. You can host your videos for free on YouTube and similar sites.

We also don't profit on the videos you create, or brand them in any way. They are yours to profit and generate traffic with.

By the way...

If you're able to secure a VGR Club membership before spots are full, I'll also show you a little known source where you can freely access over 10,000 public domain movies and video clips to further your "video traffic empire". You can find some real gems there... One of the first clips I found has already produced over 30,000 views on YouTube. Of course, these aren't exclusive videos like those you'll be generating through our interface, but it's still an amazing resource.

So there you have it. Your ultimate source for instant viral videos!

The Six Figure Video Factory Formula!

Are you ready for this? In keeping with my earlier promise, here's the inside scoop on my
Six Figure Video Factory Formula...

It follows the millionaire mindset that if you can find a way to make a very small amount of money ($5 in this case), and duplicate it many times over (like cranking parts out of a factory over and over), you've found the gateway to unlimited wealth and income.

By following these 4 simple steps, you can be on your way to a real, unlimited income from home, in just minutes from now...

Step 1. Choose a site to promote as an affiliate, where you make a commission for referring others. has thousands of products in all different categories that you can promote for free, and make huge commissions on.

Step 2. Log in to VGR's private member area to generate a video that promotes your chosen product. Most affiliate sites provide free, ready-made ad copy that you can paste right in, meaning you don't even have to bother with the writing!

Step 3. Share your video on top video sites (, etc.) to produce unlimited free views and traffic.

Step 4. Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3! Each video you make becomes a potential autopilot cash machine. By averaging a measly $5 / month per video, you have the opportunity to amass an unlimited income simply by doing something FUN... Creating and sharing viral videos!

Hidden Step 5. Supercharge Your Efforts... Use an inexpensive bulk video submission service such as, to blast each video you create across the web to 100+ video sharing communities! (autopilot777)

7 More Easy Ways You Can Profit With VGR...

I know you'll want to create a constant stream of videos for the purpose of producing autopilot traffic and income with affiliate products, and with your own products if you have them. But I recommend you take advantage of the many additional (direct and indirect) ways to profit with our viral video generator as well:

Revver Profits. Revver is another popular video network that automatically attaches ads to the end of each video you share. You make money when people simply click on the ad at the end of your videos. Plenty of other video communities have similar money-making opportunities. All you need is video content, and it doesn't get any easier as a VGR Club member.

Information Product Profits. You could easily generate and assemble a series of video clips on virtual any hot topic, to create a free or paid video information product... A video course online. Or through a private member's area. Or even a training course delivered on CD!

Bonus Report Profits. Paste in an educational article to transform it into a video report that you can either brand and deliver in PDF format, or use as a special "opt-in bonus incentive" to help build a profitable email list.

  1. Content Site Profits. Content and Adsense sites are still hot. And what's potentially better than a site featuring text articles? ...A site rich with informative videos! 
  2.  Newsletter Profits. It's no secret that most people would much rather watch a video than read an article. You can grab the attention of online newsletter subscribers by sending informational videos in and amongst your text articles...
  3. Blog Profits. Same thing here! Instead of "tired old" text blogs, you can generate new video blog posts on virtually any topic, more quickly and easily than ever before.
  4. List Building Profits. As an alternative to using viral videos to promote your product or affiliate offer directly, consider using the two step approach. Send prospects from your video to a free newsletter sign up page, and direct them to your main offer after they subscribe. This way, you can build your list and promote your top offers simultaneously.
The Video-A-Day Traffic Formula!

Instant traffic anyone? There are very few ways to generate nearly instant hits and views online...

One of the biggest benefits of video is how incredibly fast you can have real traffic and sales coming in. I typically start receiving views within minutes of posting a clip on YouTube...

Meaning whatever I want to promote within the clip is also receiving exposure.

Remember, making money online is as simple as getting an in-demand offer in front of eyeballs!

If you're fortunate enough to secure a coveted VGR Club membership before seats are full, you'll be able to generate unlimited viral videos on our powerful quad core server. But just think, even at ONE video created and shared per day, at a modest 100 views per month for each video, that's 3,000 views in your first month alone! With a $50 product converting at 3% (3 out of 100 people viewing your offer), that's $1,500!

But the real magic happens as your efforts continue to snowball and compound... It's not like your videos are going to disappear! They'll remain on YouTube and other video sites for years to come, meaning long term traffic and autopilot income potential.

If you're not sure how many instant videos to create and share to start out, I recommend following my "Video A Day" system to create a compounding flow of views and visits to your most lucrative products and offers.

Video Training Vault...

As a VGR Club member you'll also be granted access to my portfolio of advanced video marketing training and materials. Remember, you can get started immediately, with zero experience. But additional training can help maximize your efforts. Just a few of the things revealed along the way include...

  1. Bulk Video Submission Services. How to blast your clips out to the most popular video sites, all in one shot! 
  2. Video Marketing Secrets. How to squeeze the most traffic and autopilot income out of every video!
  3. Case Studies. A look at how and why certain video clips produce millions of views, with specific examples.
  4. Hot Video Networks. Receive a listing of the most popular video sites and networks that allow free video submission and hosting. YouTube is not the only game in town by any means.
  5. Community Profits. How to create a video community of your own on
And much more!

The Power Of Instant Video Generation,
Along With Endless Free Traffic And Income
Can Be Yours Today!

After becoming a VGR Club member, I'll provide you with immediate access to my exclusive Instant Viral Video Interface. Meaning, you can log in right away and begin generating cash producing videos on any topic, instantly! As many as you want. As often as you want.

Just imagine being able to create viral videos within seconds, meaning guaranteed traffic and autopilot income potential for ANY site you choose. Or ANY product you own. Or ANY affiliate product you'd like to earn commissions on.

Most affiliate sites have pre-written ad copy that you can paste in to create a video ad within seconds. But maybe you're looking to create educational videos (such as training videos), and aren't sure what to use for video content? If that's the case, no problem! I'll give you the inside scoop on a resource that guarantees a very unique way to obtain thousands upon thousands of private label articles for little or even no cost...

And these articles are ready to paste into VGR's Instant Viral Video Interface so that you can transform them into live videos with the click of a button! Virtually all your favorite topics are covered in this little known resource...

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Welcome to viral video clip heaven!

You Also Receive My Exclusive
Money Back Guarantee!..

Go Viral

From the moment you join, you can log in and begin creating videos. You may want to begin following my Six Figure Video Factory Formula, and my Video-A-Day Traffic Formula. Or you may already have something completely different in mind. It's entirely up to you!

My orders are processed securely by ClickBank, the web's leading third party merchant processor. If you're not satisfied for any reason, don't sweat it... You have a full 60 days to create autopilot traffic and income by creating and sharing the videos you produce with our service!

If for some reason you're not satisfied during your first 60 days, you can actually go "over my head" and get your money back directly from ClickBank. Of course, my support team (Czarina or Patty) can also handle your refund, but I'm letting you know that you don't even need to "rely" on us if you decide that this opportunity isn't for you.

But wait! I'll actually let you KEEP the videos you've generated during your first 60 days, even if you ask for your money back! Crazy huh? Not really. I'm able to do this because I know that once you've experienced how quick and easy it is to create professional videos with our service, you'll want to benefit as a VGR Club member for a long time to come...

Either you produce traffic and income with us, or your membership is FREE, and you KEEP the videos you've created along the way!

Don't wait a moment longer.

So How Much Will It Cost To Generate Instant, Unlimited, Exclusive "Virtual Character" Videos
Ready To Make Me Money On Autopilot?

Subscriber Special! By ordering TODAY you're guaranteed full VGR Club access for just $25 per month (normally $97 per month)! You may easily cancel at any time.

As a member, you'll have privileged 24-7 access to the VGR Instant Viral Video Interface. The exact same interface I use to generate video after video. It's so quick and easy to use that even Tori, my 8 year old daughter, can generate her own videos within seconds. It's literally that simple.

It's entirely possible for you to start receiving free traffic and making money your very first day - even within minutes of creating your membership. In fact, that really depends on YOU and how soon you'd like to log in to begin creating videos (I'd assume right away!)...

And remember, you're the boss. If you want to create more product exposure and income potential, simply produce more videos. You're in complete control.

Are you ready for the really good news?...

Consider that I could easily charge a "per video price" of $5 each, being that every video you create is YOURS to keep and do whatever you want with. Each video becomes your own intellectual property, meaning you have rights to use it as you want. At $5 each, you'd spend $500 to generate 100 exclusive video clips in a month. That's a reasonable deal for 100 professional videos...

Considering that, $250 a month for unlimited videos would obviously mean a HUGE savings. However, to maximize our conversations and enable access to a wider number of members, you can have instant access today for a small investment of just $97 $25 per month, for as long as you wish to benefit as a VGR Club member!

And no, that's not a second rate membership. You get platinum, unlimited VGR Club access, offering everything I've mentioned - also including personal help and support...

On top of that, you can recoup your investment and become profitable with only a few minutes of work, simply by telling others about the VideoGoRound opportunity using your personal affiliate link!

Don't forget, I'm putting all the risk and burden on my own shoulders, thanks to my 60 day money back guarantee.

Membership Openings Limited...

Offering VGR Club members the ability to generate unlimited, instant videos puts a significant load on my quad core server (despite its power), so memberships are strictly limited...

Today is the time to take advantage of this incredible opportunity by securing your membership spot before our virtual doors close... Prominent notice will be posted on this page when we're forced to stop accepting new members based on demand.

With coffee in hand and from the comfort of your couch, YOU can be one of the few amazing free traffic and autopilot income potential for years to come, with our kid-simple viral video creator!

Join Us Risk Free Right Away!

This is no marketing ploy. Now is the time to join, so that you can not only reserve your spot before we stop accepting new members, but also lock in at the current low price special...

Our $25 "subscriber special" may not last long. Hundreds of VGR memberships have SOLD at the $47 and $97 monthly price, and we may choose to revert back to our original pricing at any time! We are currently testing conversions at the $25 price, so this is your big chance to take advantage and get in for less than ever before!

Again - the ONLY way to ensure you lock in at the lowest price possible is to join right now, today!

And don't forget my guarantee: Either you produce traffic and income or your membership is free, and you KEEP the videos you've created along the way!

Subscriber Special: By ordering TODAY you're guaranteed full VGR Club access for just $25 per month - normally $97 per month! Try it out for 60 full days risk free! You may easily cancel at any time!

Join Now!

Yes Malkam , I can't wait to gain instant, unlimited access to the VGR Club! I understand that I can use your Instant Viral Video Interface to generate unlimited "virtual character" videos, each within seconds after entering my own text or article. I understand that each video I produce with your service is my OWN intellectual property, and can potentially make me money on autopilot for months or years to come. Not to mention the fact that I can use the videos I produce for generating unlimited traffic, product creation, training purposes, subscriber incentives, content site creation, and much more. I have read & agree to your terms below. Let me in right now!

To join, click the "Add to Cart" button... You will then be transferred to our Order page (please be patient while page loads)...!%3C/a%3E

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online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products.)

For questions or technical problems related to your order please contact Contact Us.

Following your order you'll be automatically transferred to our registration page where you simply choose a username and password, so that you can log in and get started right away - even if it's 3:00 a.m.!

You'll also be emailed a welcome letter with a copy of your login information. Don't waste another moment!

Here For Your Success,
Malkam Dior-Malkam Dior
CEO, DiscoverDior Marketing, Inc.

P.S. Remember, all the risk is on my shoulders, while YOU have untold traffic and income potential to gain as a VGR Club member! I'll let you "run free" with full fledged access, and if you aren't generating traffic and making money within 60 days, not only do you get your money back, you get to keep the videos and intellectual property you've produced as a member!

P.P.S. Hurry and lock in today, right now, at the special low price while it's still available or before we close the doors to new members after reaching our modest member limit.

P.P.P.S. You're moments away from becoming one of the few with unlimited access to the ultimate underground marketing weapon - the Instant Viral Video Generator. It's powerful enough for top Internet marketing gurus, yet simple enough for my 8 year old to crank out her own videos with! Never before has generating guaranteed traffic and income been so easy, and so FUN.

Join our guaranteed traffic and autopilot income opportunity today!










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