Why Facebook SEO Let Employers Favor Men Over Women! @SEOMalkamDior

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Facebook has been accused of issues with political bias before, today's allegations run into sexism territory.

This case is essentially arguing that all job ads are discriminatory. So if you want to target women or minorities, to build up the number of females and minorities in science that would be actionable? Good to know. As a white male in the sciences, I cannot wait to sue.

In an article titled;

Is Facebook SEXIST? Site is accused of hiding adverts for 'male-dominated professions' from women - MIRROR

There is no source for posting ads that doesn't have disproportionate representation for some class of people. This is an incredibly complicated issue, but my hope is that the case gets decided in favor of allowing advertising to be targeted.

"Facebook has been accused of hiding adverts for ‘male-dominated professions’ from women.
The American Civil Liberties Union ( ACLU ) filed a charge against Facebook , alleging that the site has ‘consciously encouraged’ certain firms to exclude women from their recruitment.

How stupid is that. First it is uber fault and not facebook fault and second if uber fins that 95% of applicants are male, why wasting money tarheting women? It is not discriminatory, nor is sexist. Why i have to target vegans if i sell meat? It is just a waste of money.

The charge names 10 firms, including a roofing company and a tyre repair firm, and says these groups used Facebook’s targeted ad tools to illegally advertise to men only.
The charge said: “Facebook has engaged in a pattern, practice, or policy of targeting and sending job advertisements and related recruitment and hiring opportunities to male Facebook users as prospective job applicants, while excluding female and other non-male prospective job applicants from receiving the job advertisements and opportunities." (According to Mirror)

As long as you don't discriminate based on sex when deciding who to hire, this should be legal. Presumably the jobs are posted elsewhere in commonly known places where anyone has access. It's not like the jobs postings are being withheld from women.
- Is Facebook Sexist? -

This is outrageous and wrong that Facebook is allowing such sexist job advertising. Facebook ought to be held fully accountable for this. All the way! 

Advertise jobs in a newspaper you'll get more male eyeballs, advertise in women's organizations or at women-only job fairs (yes, these exist, but somehow that's not discriminatory!) you'll get more female eyeballs.

Advertise in Spanish-language publications you'll get more hispanic eyeballs, advertise in German-language publications you'll get more white eyeballs.

To conclude; Where does this nonsense end? It's like a neverending crusade of trying to find victimhood in anything someone else does.

You’d‘ve thought Facebook learned their lesson from allowing housing ads discriminating against blacks.

What do you think? Is the website being wrongly accused of hiding adverts for 'male-dominated professions' from women.