How to boost Visual Marketing with a Smartphone -

The SEO benefits of using smart phone pictures online. 

Did you know that:
  • Only 20% of text is remembered.
  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.
  • Color images increase willingness to read by 90%
Identify your best images, uncover trends, and gain real-time recommendations. On-Site Galleries. Beautiful Reporting. Advanced Insights. Visual Intelligence.

With this guide, you will learn how to take better photos, what to take photos of, how to take them, how to enhance them, share them and save them for SEO

Anyone with a smart phone should be familiar with the term "selfie," most people never thought of using their smart phone as a useful visual marketing tool. 

- The Psychology of Visual Marketing in Social Media | Weal Media -

What is a Content Visual App?

According to Social Media Examiner - "Social media is nothing without images. From simple blog graphics to memes and videos, visuals help us communicate with and engage our audiences. If you’re looking for photos to use in your images, I have two resources for you: Unsplash and New Old Stock.

Unsplash is a free photo archive that prides itself on offering “do-whatever-you-want, hi-res images.” According to their licensing information, the images on the site are not copyrighted, which means you have free rein over how you use them.New Old Stock provides “vintage photos from the public archives” and promises that no known copyright restrictions exist on them."

As a business or organization with a Social Media presence, creating consistent content is a must.

But text alone won’t grab the attention of your audience - you need to get visual!

Here's how to conquer today’s top visual marketing social networks:

No expensive camera rig, or professional photographers needed. These days a little bit of practice and a typical modern smart phone are more than powerful enough for some great looking pictures.

What is visual content marketing?

According to Big Brand System "Visual content marketing refers to using images to convey valuable information in an engaging visual format. ... Visual content marketing examples include images with educational or inspiring text, infographics, and branded images that promote written, audio, or video content."

With this simple step-by-step guide, you'll learn how to captivate your audience with smart phone photography and never miss an opportunity to market your business online again.

- Visual Marketing Techniques to Stick Around In 2016 | Think Design -

1. Basics of photography: Lighting, depth of field and composition.
  • Mastering the basics of photography and building up a foundation of knowledge will change the way you take your photos. 
2. Photo editing to make photos more attractive. - Photo editing apps are my current addiction 
  • Screen brightness should be FULL. 
  • Avoid too much adjustments. 
  • Enhance it but don't change it.
3. How to take more professional photos?! 
  • Take fantastic pics. Striking a professional pose by looking off in the distance. You must be upping your photo game. 
4. Tips for why and how to use photos for marketing purposes.
  • Instagram started in the year 2010, with a usual social media platform idea- a site for sharing photos. 
  • Now Instagram is anything but a photo sharing platform. It has now developed itself into a full marketing channel.
5. Tips for using smart phone. 
  • Most modern smartphones have great imaging devices with lots of marketing attached.  
  • It is vital that you take a mobile-first approach to marketing. 
  • With smart phone usage surpassing desktop and laptop, it makes sense to connect with your potential customer on a device with which they have a deep emotional connection. 
- Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy Infographic -

In conclusion, this blog takes a holistic approach to visual marketing, from photography, social media, SEO, and the apps and accessories to enhance your smart phone's capabilities. 


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