Why Oberlo ShipTime Sucks?! Dropshipping FAQ - @SEOMalkamDior

Waiting up to 40 days in todays world is unacceptable and unlikely to attract customers!

Do your customers actually care about the lengthy shipment process associated with ordering Chinese products?

I've had a similar experience. People ordering small, low value personal items usually want them quite quickly. These are the items typically purchased from AliExpress, not Alibaba.

If i was buying a phone charger for example, I could pop to the shop but would be encouraged to buy online if I only had to wait a few days.

In fact, customers generally don’t seem to be concerned with long delivery times.

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Your task as an entrepreneur is to establish clear expectations, define your shipping policy, and display it in the relevant places in your store. 

Seeing that information, some people might leave your site, but you’ll be surprised by how many don’t mind waiting an extra couple of weeks for their packages to arrive.

If customers have access to free shipping, they typically understand that it’ll probably take a little longer to receive their orders.

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Conclusion -

Moreover, with AliExpress premium shipping through ePacket, it takes only 20 days for most shipments to reach the US, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and a number of other major countries.

Also, whilst I understand and appreciate epacket can be quicker, unfortunately this cannot be guaranteed and therefore i find i have to still quote 20-40 days, which again puts buyers off.

The best solution is to, honesty maybe explain the shipping process and answer emails in a timely manner most customers will settle down and not be angry.