How Millennials go From Zero to Influencer in 6 Months or less! @seomalkamdior

Well-publicized tips from thought leaders and influencers can help make for successful social media

10X Your Marketing & Branding for Coaches, Consultants, Professionals & Entrepreneurs -

This book lays out the “To Do List” for the next several months as to how to build your brand and influence for your business. There is a lot of content that is familiar to me since I have gone through publishing a book (which by the way, her kindle publishing book helped me and my ROI on the 99 cent investment was a no brainer). 

I have also been studying marketing (a huge fan of Russell Brunson), course development, and building a brand, so I am familiar with a lot of the content. However, this lays out a simple step by step approach to 10x a business! (Granted each step will take time).

"YOU = INFLUENCER!! - Have a passion project you want to share with world? - Something amazing you always wanted to do, but don't know how to reach an audience? Marketing feels like wondering in a strange, foreign land and you feel totally overwhelmed?

Then let this little book walk you through SassyZenGirl's proven 7-STEP FORMULA to go from ZERO (followers) to INFLUENCER STATUS in just a few months!

"Gundi is a phenomenal marketer and writer!" - Dave Chesson of Kindlepreneur

Sound crazy?

Well, it isn't actually IF you know how to leverage the many (mostly free) resources available to anyone using the internet today!
It's not about pumping thousands of dollars into ads or wearing yourself out on social media without getting much traction.
There are a number of simple strategies that can have a tremendous effect on growing your online presence and visibility that make even a 6-month time frame perfectly doable.

I've read a number of books (a large number, actually) about promoting my writing, but this one has clearer, more practical information and gives a much wider range of ideas than most. It's full of solid, actionable advice WITH links to lots of extremely useful resources. Many of which I've never seen before...and I wonder why.

"Influencer" does not mean becoming world famous and making millions overnight. That would indeed be unlikely and fall under a classic get-rich-quick scheme, which this book is not!
Quite the opposite!

The strategies and hacks described in INFLUENCER FAST TRACK show you - in 7 simple steps - how to leverage the formidable marketing power of the internet, as well as major platforms, institutions, peers and influencers to grow quickly - while creating win-wins for everyone involved!

No longer do you need to fight or worry about "competitors", but rather see others as opportunities to collaborate, leveraging each other's audiences and helping everyone grow.

- Grow Your Audience -

In the same vein, treat your customers and followers with respect and care.
"The best Marketing Method ever: CARE!" - Gary Vaynerchuk
Enjoy helping and providing awesome value. Find out how you can really help people, what they actually need. Build relationships and a brand that people love to identify with, instead of being salesy, sleazy and annoying." by Gundi Gabrielle

Before reading this I didn't feel able to work out a clear plan to promote my writing, despite having read more than a dozen books on marketing and self-publishing.

Now, I feel like I can see my path, have a list of websites to get started with promotion, and have a lot of ideas for extra things that might not have occurred to me. I don't think being bold comes as naturally to me as to Gundi, but her advice makes me feel as though it's doable, even for me.

The "Goosebump" Factor!

THAT is what this book will teach you. Growing a brand and following that makes a difference in the world, helps people - and - makes you good money, too, while growing your business! - Something you can be proud of and can't wait to get up to in the morning (aka STEP 1 "The Goosebump Factor").

SassyZenGirl herself, aka 10-time #1 Bestselling Author and Entrepreneur Gundi Gabrielle, will show you in typical SassyFUN fashion how to get from A to Z:

  • The Goosebump Factor
  • The Mucho Bling Asset
  • The Chill Factor
  • How to (non) pitch your Stuff
  • Subscribers on Autopilot
  • Passive Income Bonanza
and finally how to:
  • get yourself booked as a TV Guest Presenter, Keynote or TEDx Speaker
  • get featured in major publications and podcasts
  • attract your absolute Dream Clients on Autopilot
if you are ready to share something AWEsome with the world.
- The State of Generation Z. How Gen-Z consume your content, their phone usage, their following of influencers, the reviews they read before buying something, and how social media is THE channel to reach them. Source: -

 Conclusion -

Got a reminder today that acting roles aren't based on skill anymore, just your social media following. Sorry-theres no actors, just “influencers”.

Many other books assume the reader has an established platform, but this book has practical solutions for a raw beginner, even if you don't have a solid idea of what you are doing. To get you started, she gives you some ideas about how to "Model what works" using your own unique style and voice. 

The clarity and casual tone of the writing is like a friend explaining what works and what doesn't in a positive, helpful way.