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This method makes a lot more sense than using Aliexpress - certain items on Aliexpress are the same price if not more expensive than Amazon too so you can also save using this method, plus the customer gets their item so much faster!

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Alot of my Shopify clients ask the same questions. Why do people buy products on shopify stores when they can find the exact same products on Amazon with cheaper price?

Well, according to Quora' - There are many reasons.
"One of the main reasons is that a consumer typically doesn’t know about the first seller.
Wondering about the process after you list the amazon product in your shopify store?! 

For example: what happens if I go to your Shopify store and make a purchase? Does the order go to Amazon and then Amazon ships the order to the customer? 

No because - "Dropshipping is a term really only understood by people who are selling. Majority of buyers don’t know about it.
Brand awareness is another. If you have a dropshipping store with 600,000 Facebook followers, but all their products are dropshipped, would you go to a China site to buy that product from an unknown seller, or would you buy it from a seller who has 600,000 followers, great reviews, and appears trust worthy?
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Currently you cannot use extensions to automatically import products from Amazon and use the Amazon affiliate ID for the same, and people do the order processing and checkout completely on your store and the money directly goes to Shopify' then you fulfill the order. 

One really big reason is that many products cant be purchased from the original sellers. Most dropshipped products (ignoring Aliexpress which is a retail online platform in itself and not true wholesale pricing) that are sold are supplied by China-only sites like Taobao or through private distribution deals (neither accessible by a regular consumer).

Have you ever had any customer complaints for receiving Amazon boxes? Or returns because they went on Amazon and found the cheaper price? 

It’s also well known that consumers will pay more, for a better shopping experience. If the dropshipper can make amazing images, description, and provide a better ‘buyers’ experience, buyers will flock there instead of going for the cheapest price elsewhere.

Also-are you using your Prime Account for orders? If you are doing high volume won't Amazon flag you and close your Prime account? YES, Amazon will flag your prime feature, but not your entire account. 

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Last would be convenience. Most eComerce companies that only dropship and are successful spend a mass amount of money on Facebook ads - consumers see the AD and buy right away, as they’re there now wanting it when they see it. They won’t spend any time searching google for alternatives or other shops." Quora
Conclusion -
2018 might be a tipping point in the world of sales and use tax. Depending on what you sell and where you sell it, your business may be impacted by new laws specifically targeting retailers that sell to out-of-state customers.