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Google already unleashed the beast, do you have the tools to tame it?

Why MOBILE SEO is the future and present of SEO?

Well according to Quora - "Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a process of optimize the websites to get organic traffic from search engines. It is very important for a website to promote your business for updates visit mobile SEO. If you need to generate organic traffic and leads from search engines for a website, SEO is best option"
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How to optimize your website for mobile?

Here is one of five steps you can take to optimize yoursite for Google's mobile-first index, according to SearchEngineLand
  • Speed
"In Google’s Site Performance for Webmasters video (below), Developer Programs Tech Lead Maile Ohye, states that “two seconds is the threshold for e-commerce website acceptability. At Google, we aim for under a half-second.” Users have come to expect websites to load fast, and so does Google. Making sure your site loads fast is essential to ranking on mobile. Here are a few things to consider when optimizing your page speed."
Optimize images. Large images can slow down a site. Optimizing images to be the correct size is a great quick win.
Minify code. This is the process of removing all unnecessary characters from source code without changing its functionality.
Leverage browser caching.

Browser caching stores web page resource files on a local computer when a user visits a web page.

Reduce redirects. Too many redirects can cause the site to have to reload and slows down the experience.
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Mobile optimization tricks and tactics -

According to one of the five different steps posted in an article published by RankPay, "
  • Optimize Your Images
  • Speaking of keyword optimization, one oft-overlooked tip is to optimize your images for them as well. This is certainly still the case in 2018. Users are as drawn to visual content as ever!
  • It may sound intimidating at first, but it’s honestly really easy. You simply have to modify the image’s filename and ALT tag — that’s it.
  • At this point, it’s safe to assume that you already know how to change an image’s filename. But when it comes to the ALT tag, the process depends on the website platform you use.
  • With WordPress, for example, you can modify the “alternative text” attribute in the image details. This is accessible from the media library or straight from the post editor." 
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  Conclusion -

The change from a desktop-based to a mobile-based Google index is imminent, requiring responsive design or better alignment between content on mobile and desktop sites.

Now your mobile website is fit for SEO. After all, it is now the basis for your rankings! In this blog I've explained, how to make your mobile website future-proof. Follow and subscribe for more.