Samsung Galaxy Fold SEO Bloggers React - (Millennial Galaxy Fold Unboxing and Review) Malkam Dior

Samsung Galaxy Fold SEO Bloggers React - The Galaxy Fold Unboxing and Review is in April, but today we're getting the reactions of the tech YouTube community about the 2019 Galaxy Fold Smartphone. 

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The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a first generation of a new style of tech. Of course the price will be expensive. $2000 is a bit too much. I'm not going to buy the Galaxy Fold, I a tester, just for the sake of this review, one is the price and second is a first generation product.

- Samsung to surprise with Galaxy Fold at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event in San Fransisco -

I need to see more people review before I make a finally decision to see if is worth buying for personal use. 

Honestly my wallet it already made a decision no, no. Unless you're into being an early adopter for new tech, this is going to be a pass for many people. Even if you have money like that to spare, it won't be worth it since the gimmick of the foldable phone will die out quickly I think. I'd say at least wait til the 2020 model. 

Samsung's first foldable smartphone will cost nearly $2000 - Here’s a video on how it works. 

According another review that was published on the Verge - "Pardon me for being such a strident skeptic, but I’ve seen this pattern too many times before. It happened with the first iteration of 3D cameras on phones (RIP HTC EVO 3D), it happened with modular phones (RIP Project Ara), and it happened with Android Wear smartwatches (which are trudging on as unloved, purposeless zombies).

The failed hype cycle has a common basic structure: take an application of technology that has universal, self-explanatory appeal, build a few prototypes, get to a stage where the product doesn’t look hideous, and then dump it on a market of eager consumers. Then the inevitable letdown comes, everyone starts discovering the faults and pain points, and what was once a super exciting category of sci-fi tech becomes a wearying parade of inadequacy.

To be fair to Samsung, pricing the Galaxy Fold at $1,980 is a lot like not releasing it at all, as far as the regular consumer market is concerned. I understand the company’s perspective: it expects the $2,000 tech consumer to be of a more forgiving disposition than someone looking for a pragmatic everyday device that works well in all circumstances. The target audience here is either die-hard Samsung fans (they exist!) or the sort of people who spend big on Supreme drops just for the status of being able to do it. For Samsung, serving up the first-generation Galaxy Fold to a self-selecting group of receptive users is an excellent expansion of its beta testing that would feed into improvements for future iterations".

Samsung GalaxyFold Specs -

When the phone is folded, it seems like your average smartphone screen, but when unfolded, the phone gives itself a tablet-sized screen‬.

- #UNPACKED2019 - Samsung Galaxy Fold goes official, unfolding from 4.6-inch to 7.3-inch display for ~ MalkamDior -

I swear I remember when Samsung announced the Note the tech community was saying things like "the phone is so big it won't fit in people's pockets" and "there is no use case for a phone that big" and "I agree with Apple the thumb is all you need" blah blah blah.... Now every phones company has phones bigger than the original Note or makes a plus size phone... Let see what happens.

In Conclusion:

Honestly I don't think that price is that bad.. Like sure most of the people including me won't be able to buy it but if you compare it to 512gb | 8gb s10+ or some of the apple offerings like those are around 1300$ so for something that is new and innovative I think 2000 is fine.. And it will drop over time and when they release next one .. Like in that 2k you're also paying all of the development that they needed to go trough but in a few years that will be past and they won't be more than $1500.