Why Amazon Pulled Out of HQ2 in Queens? Annoying New Yorkers (www.MalkamDior.com)

Amazon scraps its plans for second headquarters in New York, citing dumb Democrats  -

That small, vocal minority in Queens just blew lots of decent paying jobs (average $150k) for their community. Amazon just pulled out of its plan to build a 2nd headquarters in Long Island City, Queens.

According to the New York Post -"Andrew Cuomo blames Democrats for killing Amazon HQ2 deal".

What kind of a community rejects 25000 high paying jobs? Sure they would get subsidies and tax breaks, but who doesn't? These jobs would have in turn led to ancillary jobs in all types of business, from housing to food to clothing, etc.

The Loss of Amazon New York Jobs -

With a investment of $3 billion, the city of NY could easily create 25k jobs that fairly pay workers, and also benefit the society as a whole. That is something Amazon never would have done.

On the other hand, the $3 billion doesn't exist. Amazon would be getting tax breaks IF and ONLY IF they located the HQ in New York. So NY just kissed over $3.8 billion in annual wages goodbye not to mention the income tax revenue those jobs create. Those $150k jobs weren't going to local NYC residents. This deal would cost more then it's worth. Look at the San Francisco area.

"Amazon on Thursday canceled its plans to build an expansive corporate campus in New York City after facing an unexpectedly fierce backlash from some lawmakers and union leaders, who contended that a tech giant did not deserve nearly $3 billion in government incentives.

The company, as part of its extensive search for a new headquarters, had chosen Long Island City, Queens, as one of two winning sites, saying that it would create more than 25,000 jobs in the city.

But the agreement to lure Amazon stirred an intense debate about the use of public subsidies to entice wealthy companies, the rising cost of living in rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods and the city’s very identity.

“A number of state and local politicians have made it clear that they oppose our presence and will not work with us to build the type of relationships that are required to go forward,’’ Amazon said in a statement." - Source NYT
According to Fortune - "Amazon made over $11 BILLION in profit last year and will pay no federal income tax Instead, the federal gov’t will pay Amazon $129 million.


It's over: AMZN will simply move on, NYC will get nothing (as there is no real money in the first place) and the dolts that think they accomplished something will simply continue down their path of irrelevancy & poverty.

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