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Organising your time can be a very tough task and I get a lot of questions on how I manage to run multiple businesses, an Instagram page AND reply to all the messages and comments that I get. ⁣
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The answer is by creating a very strict plan one night in advance that I MUST follow extremely closely the next day. ⁣

⁣Time Management -

I start by blocking out the next day in 30 minute intervals to force myself to get work done quickly and not procrastinate on certain tasks or lose focus by spending too long on one thing. ⁣
- Time Management Infographic -

When I wake up, I take an hour to relax and prepare myself for the day, but as soon as that hour is up I am straight on the first calendar item of the day and once the time is up on that item, I MUST move onto the next item even if I didn't get a chance to complete the first one. Otherwise the time will snowball and you will be slacking on EVERYTHING that you need to do that day. ⁣

Think of it like a traffic jam, if one car slows down, there is a huge snowball effect on the rest of the cars and the jam gets bigger and bigger. ⁣
That's why it's important to plan your entire day the night before so you don't waste time thinking about what you need to do next. ⁣

Conclusion -

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