SEO Reposting Etiquette - Other People's Content - Malkam Dior

If you are thinking about using other people's content in your marketing, this blog can help you.

While everyone is doing 'keyword research' for blog posts, you take a different path.

First you must do user research and produce content that's good for them and not a 3000 word article that has 500 words as keywords.

Ever wonder how to get more juice out of your blogs? Update and republish them!

When you find yourself writing about intellectualized concepts rather than concrete details, you’re moving into abstraction. In this blog post today, I give you search engine insights, you can do right now that will teach you how to avoid abstraction:

- Finger Pointing (Infographic) 

Can I use other people's content on my blog? Yes.

Lost on what to post next? We have all been there. I definitely recommend checking out other people's content, ONLY so that content can spark new ideas for you...never to just copy them!

If you've been posting blogs for a while now (even a few months) look back at some of your earlier blogs and ask yourself if they could be updated, added onto or edited for current trends. Tweak them and re post! This is a quick and effective way to get more out of your blogs.

Conclusion - Remember your pitch is not a summary.

In the world of social media, focus on quality over quantity. It should read more like a book's back cover copy and entice an agent or publisher to read your sample pages.

Instead of spreading yourself thin and not having time to put out quality content on every channel, hone in on a couple of channels and invest your time creating compelling content.


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