The Cold Calling Strategy That Got Me 95% Success - Malkam Dior

- Cold Calling Infographic -

Cold calling is a pain in the you know what, and if you've been following me for a while you'll know that I no longer actually cold call businesses.

However, when I was cold calling, this is the strategy that worked extremely well for me. ⁣

The reason it works is because business owners get extremely tense when they feel like they are being sold to.

You could have the best service in the world but if someone feels like you are selling it to them, they won't want it.⁣

This strategy is designed to put the business owner at ease since you are not selling to them, and it also allows you to get a meeting booked which is where you casually show that owner the results your service got other businesses, and tell them you're doing research to see if this industry is one where you could get them similar results. ⁣

The business owner will now make up their own mind about the service and will most likely ask you if you can do it for them. If they show any interest, you can say something like "you seem interested, I'm more than happy to run the same strategy for your business?"⁣

Conclusion - 

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