The Fundamentals Of Pitching To Millennial Investors - Malkam Dior

One of the fundamentals of preparing your business for a new age of investors' is to make sure you know and fully understand your business, market, customer needs and competition so well. 

Pitching impact to retail investors, Impossible Foods' $300 million haul, affordable-housing swaps, Ares' climate infrastructure fund  Greetings from Malkam Dior, Agent of Impact! 

For 2 years I’ve imagined our underestimated cohorts pitching to investors for the opportunity of a lifetime!

Asides that, you must ensure that the legal structure of your business will make it attractive to potential investors. 

I know you may be planning your business expansion and crafting your growth strategies and possibly that may include opening your business up for external funding which could be by way of equity investment (meaning that they become part owners with you). 

Have you ever given a thought to the impact that your legal structure could have on whether potential investors will be interested in funding your business?

Do you know what it takes to write your legal story and prepare your business for investors?

As the new business is just starting out, an angel investor might provide you with enough money to get off the ground. When you’re established and looking to expand, you might try pitching to a venture capitalist.

If you're a Millennial' and want to get investors for your search engine optimization strategies, you need to know how to pitch to them. This workshop is hosted by a man who allocated over 3 BILLION in capital. 


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