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Even though I don't agree with dropshipping (as most of you know), real e-commerce is great and there is still a correct way to market your e-com business.⁣

- Ecommerce Marketing Infographic -

The preparation is extremely important. People rush into it without making all of the necessary preparations and end up failing because of it. ⁣

The Different Marketing Strategies -

You need to have analytics properly set up including the Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics.

Most people skip the Google Analytics part but how else do you expect to keep an eye on your funnel abandonment? It's super important to know exactly WHERE people are dropping out of your funnel.

This is so that you can retarget each dropout group with different ads which are more relevant to the point at which they dropped out. ⁣

Think of driving traffic to your store through Instagram shoutouts or ads as something extremely valuable. Most people can't afford to continue driving traffic to their site without making a return, so you need to be capitalising off the traffic that hits your store as much as you possibly can.

That means tracking it closely, understanding what it means and truly understanding where and why people are dropping out. ⁣

Revisit your website style if you have to, maybe there's a problem with the mobile layout, maybe the website performs badly on mobile or certain browsers. ⁣

Conclusion -

You need to be aware of these things as an e-commerce business owner because your website is your store and these are the things that can happen with any website. ⁣

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