4 Mistakes Small Business Make On Social Media - Malkam Dior

These mistakes are easy to look over. ⠀

There are a lot of organizations being dragged across social media and I think it stems from lack of transparency, communication, and false promises.

Are you posting the same content to every social media channel? Don't make early mistakes; get help from a pro today. 

We all need to do better and have more integrity. Lose your ego, admit your mistakes, and move on. Let’s improve together.

1. Having a social media plan does not need to be complicated

For example, here's a Social media posting Tip for bakeries & restaurants

Give people a sneak peek of some new bakery products and ask them to drop by for a quick baking class. Help them plan their visit by informing them of your work hours and days.

- Social Media Posting Tip for Bakeries & Restaurants -

All you need to understand is what social media platforms you will use to promote your business, and what kind of content will be most enjoyable for your audience. ⠀

2. Keep testing with content and learn as you go along

Empower marketers to create relevant experiences for customers, with a fraction of the effort. With updates to content, fragments and widgets, preview your changes before they go live.

3. Polls are a great way to get content ideas from your target audience. 

It also is a great way to demonstrate thought leadership, drive engagement, and conduct A/B testing. Does your company utilize polls as part of their content marketing and social media strategy?

You will naturally find your brands style whilst experimenting, and finding what works best for your business.  

With the use of social media marketing, one can generate awareness about their brand more specifically. Follow the article to learn more valuable uses and how social media marketing can help grow your business.

Content optimization is the process of making sure content is written in a way that it can reach the largest possible target audience.

4. Take your Content Optimization Strategy to the next level.⠀

Using Social Media correctly can make or break most small businesses (most large ones too). Many entrepreneurs like you (and me!) make mistakes on social media that can hurt us in the long run.

What other common mistakes do we make as business owners on social media?⠀


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