How To Add Hashtags To Instagram Stories - Malkam Dior

Add Hashtags in Instagram Stories (Invisible) and Boost Story Views! - Malkam Dior 

Did you know you can use up to 10 hashtags in Instagram stories?⠀

According to a study, hashtags receive 12% more engagement on posts against a post without hashtags!⠀

Now there’s no perfect answer for:⠀
“If I post a story about cars and use #cats in my story, will I get featured automatically?” The Instagram image recognition algorithm is smart enough (sometimes) to recognise what your image/video is about and then push your content in stories.⠀

Don’t waste your energy towards tricking the algorithm.⠀

The Instagram team hasn’t come forth and announced how they feature your content in stories of hashtags but let’s assume the relevancy of content with that hashtag and amount of engagement you receive after posting.⠀

I have observed that if I use my city hashtag, I may not get featured in that hashtag all the time.⠀

But if someone is travelling to my city and they use the #hashtag, they have better odds of getting featured!⠀

Try it out for your city hashtag and let me know.⠀