6 Things That Change Your Life In One Year - [Infographic] Malkam Dior

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God’s opening a door that’s gonna change your life forever! Believe that. Change is scary, but change can also be the most beautiful thing. That's if you allow yourself to embrace it.

I believe change isn't just about picking up new skillset or trying new things. It is also about eliminating toxic and negativity in our life. .
While it might be scary to be trying new things, the easiest and fastest way to see change in our life is when we are aware of the environment we are in.
Start doing eliminating toxic and negativity today to make your environment suitable for you. if you're committed to changing your life in a year.


Cyber Security Threat Report - 2021 Findings & Strategies

Cyber Security Threat Report - 2021 Findings & Strategies
I provide advanced threat detection to security teams of all sizes. We analyzed 6 million investigative leads and 15,000 threats to inform our latest report. Shut Down Threats. Committed to a Better Way. Measure Improvement. Investigate & Automate.

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