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Excellent case for the money. 

I recently upgraded to the new iPhone 11 Pro Max and was in need of a case. I wanted a case the was clear and would be a snug fit. After looking at a number of cases I settled on this one. I received my new iPhone 11 yesterday and was able to try it out. The case lived up to what was advertised. The soft plastic material is what I expected and very content with it. Once I fitted my phone in the case I was very happy with the way I am still able to see my phone. 

The clear case is the way to go if you don't want to hide the beauty of your new phone. Again the case is a nice snug fit and you will get decent protection from minor drops and scratches. I'm pretty careful with handling my phones so this case is perfect for me. The other really nice feature about this case is that it includes 2 tempered glass screen protectors for your phone which is another nice savings. 

Everything you need to apply the screen protector is included such as the dry and wet wipes, dust removal sticker. This was a nice surprise! Overall this is a really nice clear case for the iPhone 11 Pro Max and with the addition of the two tempered glass screen protectors it really make it a great value.

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This item is a high quality clear case for the upcoming iPhone 11 pro max. I always order a case before I get my hand on the phone because I want the phone to be protected from day one. This item came as a surprised because it also came included with 2 tempered glass screen protectors. Now I do not have to buy a separate screen protector for my new phone. The case itself, it is transparent and will showcase the color and design of the phone. Highly recommended.

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