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Are You An AdSense Publisher?

In August, they  notified current publishers about the upcoming changes to Google's publisher policies through email and change log. Effective today, those policy changes have launched across our publisher products (AdSense, AdMob, and Ad Manager). There’s no action for you to take right now, other than to review this email, the AdSense Help Center, and the AdSense Policy Center to ensure your content remains in compliance.

What’s changed:

As of today, we’ve simplified the way our publisher content policies are presented with a clear breakdown of the types of content where advertising is not allowed or will be restricted:

What it means for you as an AdSense publisher:
Monetizing content that falls under the Google Publisher Restrictions is no longer a policy violation; instead, we will restrict advertising on that content as appropriate, based on the preferences of each advertising product and/or advertisers’ individual preferences. In some cases this will mean that no advertising sources are bidding on your inventory and no ads will appear on this content. As a result, while you may choose to monetize content covered by the Google Publisher Restrictions, you will likely receive less advertising on this restricted content than you would receive on other, nonrestricted content. 
Content that falls under the Google Publisher Policies is not allowed to be monetized and you should not place ads against that content. Attempting to monetize policy-violating content may result in your account(s) being suspended or terminated. 
As a result of these changes, we will be updating the AdSense Policy Center with two new columns: “Must fix” and “Ad serving status”. The “Must fix” column will indicate if there is an issue that must be fixed because it is a policy violation. The “Ad serving status” column will show if ads are not being served due to a policy violation or if demand is restricted. As before, the AdSense Policy Center gives detailed information about issues that may restrict ads from appearing on your sites, site sections, and pages, as well as how to resolve issues with ad serving and request reviews.

Please note that these policies and restrictions apply in addition to any other policies governing your use of Google publisher products.

What you need to do:

The AdSense Help Center and Policy Center have been updated with the full breakdown of policies and restrictions. Please review these to better understand the changes that were made, and to ensure your content remains in compliance.

Note that going forward, Google will be announcing updates to our policies and restrictions for AdSense on this change log. Publishers are required to keep abreast of changes to policies and be in compliance with them at all times.

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