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GREAT BUSINESS IDEA ATM - (Infographic Malkam Dior)

The complete process to rent space to set up an ATM Machine in New York City

 (A) Approach a bank with a proposal to provide space owned by you to be offered on rent to set up an ATM Machine.

(B) The bank will than consider your proposal and identify whether they are having a requirement to set up ATM Machine in the area based on demand
  1. You can RENT an ATM skimmer to manage credit card info. "Partnership opportunity, revenue share, 50/50 split.
  2. If they agree to set up ATM Machine they will provide bank's format in which you need to provide the proposal.
  3. Generally a bank will require a free held property(no loans) on the property.
  4. Space required for ATM Room will be 10feet By 10 feet room.
  5. The bank will than decide on commericals/Rent for space provided by you it will be based on running market rates in that area and vary from Rs. 60 per sq.feet to Rs. 150 per sq. feet rent per month. and all taxes to be born by Landlord.
  6. Important aspect is that you need to provide space for server room and space for installation of Dish for network connectivity on the roof.

These are the six general guidelines, However the most effective way is you can contact a local broker who deals with providing property on rent to banks and he will complete all the formalities from finding an interested bank to closing the deal.

In Conclusion-

Alternatively you can advertise in local newspaper stating that you are interested in providing your space on rent to bank for ATM installation.
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