BREAKDOWN: MAYHEM on BlackFriday!! #BlackFridayFights - Malkam Dior

black friday fights 2019

BREAKDOWN: MAYHEM on BlackFriday!! Black Friday Fights 2019 - Malkam Dior 

Gina vs Trish. This is how we ‘BINK’ in North Carolina, this is honestly so sad. people can’t stay sane when it comes to black Friday shopping? you go to Walmart and think to urself i’m gonna get a hella good discount on that tv i wanted and then this happens. oh my

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The funny this is all this effort for that $98 tv, that will be placed on a credit card. Then, the interest alone, if you don't pay in full, will end up costing you the actual price. Ahhhh the overconsumption of needless materialistic crap to make us feel better


I saw a Walmart employee get punched yesterday. It still happens. An incomplete list of things that are not a cashier's fault: (feel free to add more)

Store policies

Store prices (yes, even in #BlackFriday)

Your credit card was declined

Your coupon is expired

Your attitude sucks

My Thoughts On Why Fights Break Out On BlackFriday?!

When doing secret search for customer relations and behavior, it seems as if the store clerk is also not at fault for people's rotten and greedy attitudes. Be nice to clerks and they'll do a great job for you. Nasty customers are the cause of bad service most of the time.


However, one of a cashier’s primary duties IS to clear the very closest parking space for you, so that’s fair game. My understanding is that they’re paid triple-pay on Black Friday anyway, so make them earn it!

Online shopping has ruined Black Friday. I used to enjoy sitting at home and watching morons fight over stuff or watch a poor store employee get run over when opening the doors. Ah the good ole days! on my feed is a video of Black Friday shoppers fighting at Walmart - Black Friday Shoppers Gettin Down! #BlackFridayFights