FULL Monetization Process In 2020 & 6 Months of My YouTube Paychecks - Malkam Dior

GET MONETIZED IN 2020 | 6 Months of Youtube Paychecks & FULL Monetization Process Breakdown - MalkamDior 

In this blog, I am breaking down EVERYTHING when it comes to Youtube Ads and how Google AdSense works! - Monetization requirements - Best time to monetize - Process to activate monetization - Factors/ stats that impact your pay - My personal pay over the last 6 months!

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// About E R I N 

Erin is a full-time entrepreneur. She has a digital marketing & video production company called Erin On Demand. Teaching entrepreneurs how to stand out online through content marketing, digital strategy, and video production. 

To conclude, she worked with companies from National Geographic, to local mom & pop shops, helping them attract create compelling content that attracts their target audience. This channel, takes you through a journey of building a business from the ground up, while sharing information on how She market, strategize, and operate in her business… to hopefully help you build yours!