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Video, video, video! You probably hear people saying all the time “use video for your business!”. I’ve  covered the topic multiple times. - (Malkam Dior)

Heck, you’re reading this right now so you already know it’s important. After all that the big question is: “what kind of video works best for my business?”. You’re in luck, because that’s what we’re discussing today!

Video #1. Introduce Your Business An introductory video tells the story of why you’re in business. The script will probably have a strong connection to your mission statement. 

An introductory video will show what you do, but the goal here is not to explain the features of your service. Instead, it should inspire potential customers and instill a sense of what’s possible when they work with you.


Video #2. Explain Your Offer Explaining how you do your work is probably the most commonly used business video. A good explainer video clarifies what you do and – just importantly – how that work translates into benefits your customers’ value.


Video #3. Customer Profiles Featuring your customers in videos is one of the most powerful ways to make a connection with your audience.

Video #4. Informational Marketing Informational videos are a powerful way to connect with leads as they research topics that relate to what you do. Use these videos to educate potential clients and earn their trust.


Video #5. Company Culture Prospective customers want to see what your people and culture are like; the more serious leads are often the most interested in this. People today like to work with businesses they feel an affinity for, and that feeling comes from knowing what your people are like.


Video #6. Brand Affinity Videos Brand affinity videos are part of your storytelling arsenal. With these videos, you want to create a strong, emotional connection with your audience. The goal is to get them to see your brand as if it was a like-minded person.



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